Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12, 2018 -- Salvador

i know how it feels to be worn out im kinda dying this week after all the transfer stuff. so this week was nuts! we had our transfer and elder cantuario went home. I thought the day would never come but hes gone now. Its kinda weird to not have him here because we were comps for so long i got really used to it but things are going well here in the office so im happy. 

monday we had transfer day so we were in the bus station buying tickets and helping everyone get there buses. the most exciting part of the day was when we played basketball with president bangerter! and then the mishap with my hair. and now my head is shaved.  
Elder Prince's new haircut. One of the other elders used the wrong attachment with the clippers, and this is the result. He's clearly not happy about it.
tuesday we had training for the new missionaries after we picked them from the airport with president and sister bangerter. its always cool to go get the new missionaries and spend the day with them and feel the awesome energy they have! 

wednesday we had a normal day in the office and bought some more bus tickets for the mission leadership council on friday. We got out to visit Vivaldo and Reinaldo and theyre doing great! their niece has been reading the book of mormon to them and they were super excited to see us after traveling for almost two weeks so it was awesome to catch up with them and see their excitement to come to church again! 

Thursday we had a busy day in preparation for the mission leadership council but we got everything done and were able to get to our area. We visited a less active Luana and had a nice talk with her about how our faith needs works and how she can strengthen herself to be able to talk to her boss about getting sundays off! its so cool to hear people bear their testimonies to us and bring the spirit in to our lessons. We had another nice lesson with Sergio and he started telling us about some problems and things he did lately and we were able to teach him about repentance and how he can get himself on a better path. the lesson was going super well until a sister called us with a medical emergency and we had to go help them. after she called Sergio kinda did a full 180 and closed his mind again and decided to stay in his little funk and said he wasnt going to read and probably wouldnt go to church for a week or two. As a missionary rejection is normal but its moments like these when people lay out their lives and problems but then decide they dont want to change and help themselves. You feel true brotherly love and sadness for them because you know what they are missing out on. We bore our testimonies for him and we know he felt the spirit but didnt let it enter into his heart.  please keep him in your prayers. 

yesterday was the leadership council and it was awesome! President gave some amazing training about the plan of salvation and how we can help people to more clearly understand why we are here and truly feel that our lives have purpose and meaning, something that so many people lose or never recieve the teachings about. 

alma 34:32
For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors.  we are here to prepare and learn about God's love for us!

love you all!

May 5, 2018 -- Salvador

this week was alright. 

monday we were supposed to take 3 missionaries to do their first register with the federal police as part of the visa process. so we brought them in from the interior and when we got to the airport police station the system had crashed. so we had to entertain 3 missionaries (send them to areas to work) and come back on thursday to complete the register. 

we Got to visit Sergio and his family and they commited to going to church on sunday so i was stoked! We also met their friend who is a traveling pastor and had a super cool conversation about how really the important of what we do as testimonies of Christ is to talk about Christ!!! not argue about doctrines but talk about Jesus. it was a way cool experience fo rme.  São Paulo emailed me that we are gonna start applying for residency instead of renewing visas so i have spent the whole week scanning passports and birth certificates and documents to send to SP. 

Thursday we took them back to the airport and everything ran smoothly. We got to visit a new investigator a woman named Jessica who was having a party at her house when she marked for us to visit. So we got there and thought it wouldnt be a great lesson but she came out and told her friends to be quiet. they kept bugging her and making fun of her during the lesson but she paid so much attention and even defended us to her friends! shes already been to church a few years ago now shes gonna go with us again this week!!

We spent a lot of time in the office because of elder sorocaba's training. normally transfers are 6 weeks but this one is only 5 weeks and normally secretaries keep caling old secretaries to ask them for help. But elder cantuario is gonna go home so elder sorocaba cant call him. so hes gotta get it all right now!

im really happy with restarting the book of mormon this week. its been awesome to start over and remind myself of the little simple things that Nephi did to follow God and be obedient to His commandments. Our obedience shows our willingness and humility and love for God! all of us have struggles with a few different things or ideas or commandments  but what we need to do is strive to improve. that is when the Grace of God/Christ comes in to help us improve and be better.

love sam

April 28, 2018 -- Salvador

my week was just kinda normal. sunday there was an awesome devotional transmited to all of brazil from the area about the book of mormon and they gave us challenges to read the book before the end of the year then send a letter to them about what we had learned! we were able to take two investigators Vivaldo and Reinaldo and they loved it! 

monday we had preparation for the last zone conference in vitoria da conquista and we sent elder davis (AP) to the bus station and i stayed to do a division in Brotas with Elder Gomes (AP). We had a good day the next day with some nice lessons but parts of our day got thrown out of whack by some nice strong rain hhah. it was really interesting to do division with Elder Davis last week and elder Gomes this week because i can see how much the extra training they get from president bangerter wears off and they have started to teach just like him!

wednesday elder cantuario and i spent a normal day in the office and then part of the night because of a confusion in the airport and with a sister coming to register with the federal police! we got her from the airport and then registered her with the police so now she is legally living in bahia! when we took her to the airport for her to go home they almost didnt let her fly because they thought she didnt have a visa or passport!!

yesterday we worked here in the office and got to our area to visit vivaldo and reinaldo and teach one of their family members the restoration. Then we got to meet with hasiel and teach him about the priesthood and he told us that he already has a interview marked with the bishop for him to be ordained a teacher! It was so cool to see how happy he was and how much he truly understood what we taught him. its been awesome to see changes in him and in the atmosphere of his home since we started teaching him. His mom gave birth to him when she was very young and treats him pretty poorly but his grandma is awesome. at first she was extremely hesistant when we started teaching the family together but now she has completely opened the doors to us (even if she still hides when we try to teach her).

I love being a missionary and being in Brazil.  Its awesome to have this opportunity to teach people and learn more about Christ, and Gods love. The power of love is too great. 

1 John 4:18
There is no afear in blove; but perfect clove casteth out fear: because fear hath dtorment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 

love those around you to make the world a better place!

April 21, 2018 letter -- Salvador

so this week we had a good sunday. Vivaldo and Haziel went to church and really enjoyed it and we got to do some good visits on sunday. just a normal day pretty much. 

monday we got to meet the new office couple, The Thompsons, from blackfoot idaho and they are super sweet! he was a potato farmer. We got to give them a tour of the office and answer lots of questions they had. we had a bunch of stuff to prepare for zone conferences this week and elder gomes traveled with president to the zone conferences. 

tuesday We had a good lesson with Sergio about the Book of Mormon and he told us he wants us to meet with his wife as well so we can teach their whole family. Haziel commited to be baptized on saturday  and we got rained ona little bit. we missed out on a FHE with Isaias and his wife because they both got a cold hahaha I think he also passed it to me. 

Wednesday we had a busy day in the office and division with the zone leaders to do Haziels baptismal interview. We got to visit Isaias and his wife and talk with them about the book of mormon. His wife isnt super into receiving the lessons yet but she likes our visits and will start opening up to us soon enough. 

thursday and friday i did divisions with elder davis in his area and we had some awesome lessons with his investigators about the book of mormon. I love the book of mormon and the powerful spirit that its teachings about christ and the hope we can have for the future. It truly is the word of God and along with the Bible helps us to understand how we can come closer to God and Christ. Everyone should read the scriptures a little bit more!

today we have the baptism! besides that we are still waiting for vivaldo to get married and to find some more people who are interested. the work inthe office is about to get better we should have some visa visits and register some people with the PF this week. We are starting to get into transition mode and really get everything ready for President Biddulph in the next few months. Im gonna be sad to see president Bangerter go but it will be super interesting to have 2 mission presidents! even more to be in the mission office during this period, what a blessing in disguise (i hope)!!!

Jesus loves you all and wants you to be happy. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 14, 2018 letter -- Salvador

so tbh (to be honest) my week was pretty boring!

monday we visited our investigator lorival and taught him about the plan of salvation. we had a good spiritual lesson with him but unfortunately he doesnt really care much to learn more because he thinks we are just like his baptist church. then we had a good chat contacting a reference from a member returning to activity Isaias and Nilda his wife.

tuesday we had mission leadership council just another thrilling day with some good training from president about how to get more out of our visits with less actives and remind them of their testimonies thru the First vision.

Mission Leadership Council
wednesday we had a normal work day here in the office.

thursday we had a nice zone conference (basically the same thing as mission council on tuesday) and got out into the street for some visits. we saw vivaldo and taught their family a good lesson about the Holy Spirit and how we can recognize our answers from God. We also had a really cool lesson with a contact named Sergio who commited to go to church and be baptized without even thinking twice! now we just have to see if his girlfriend wnts to get married/truly live the law of chastity with him! but the challenges are what make the sweet moments even more worth while.
Imbui Zone
Salvador Zone
yesterday we had a long day in the office with two training from São Paulo about some new computer programs and preparing some stuff for stake conferences and presidents visits to the other parts of the state for zone conferences. 

This week i read an article in the Liahona for this month about Islam. i thought the article was extremely interesting and a good one that everyone should read. The church has started doing these articles to educate members about other religions so we dont stumble around saying or believing incorrect things about our brothers and sisters around the world. It was a really touching article  and gave me further appreciation for the blessing we have to be able to have freedom of religion in an amazing country. God bless america (and Brazil!!!) I am so grateful for those who sacrafice their lifes for our freedoms and freedoms of all people in the world. they are examples of charity for all of us and show us how we should strive to be to bring change for our world. 

elder prince

Monday, April 9, 2018

April 7, 2018 letter -- Salvador

transfers were crazy and there were no baptisms sadly enough. conference is/was awesome. 

so monday was pretty dope. we got up early to play basketball then we went to the office. president didnt pass the transfer until super late so we didnt get to the bus station until 1ish then we returned at night to make sure everyone picked up their bus. nothing super exciting just lots of organizing.

tuesday we got up early to help people get to their areas and the mission home for new missionary training and trainer training. we then went to the airport to pic up the greenies and returned to the mission home for an afternoon of training! pleasant surprise elder castellano who came to the mission with me came back to the mission this week! we then gave our training and spent the night making sure everyone got to the bus station and on the bus. you would be surprised how easy it is for missionaries to miss their buses. my new comp is elder sorocaba from sao paulo and elder cantuario will stay until he goes home 10 of may. 

wednesday was a normal day in the office and we got to the area to teach vivaldo and reinaldo and we reviewed the restoration with them! then we got back to the office to prepare to send the elders to sao paulo for visa renewal and here is where our week gets interesting. 

We got to bed a little late and woke up at 130 am (Thursday) to take the elders to their 4 am flight then went home to take a short term elder to the bus station. then we went back to the airport with all the elders and sisters going home. everyone got their planes and no one got fined for extra baggage and we got back to the office until we had to go BACK TO THE AIRPORT to get the elders from renewing their visas in SP, take them to the bus station and they went to their areas. i got home and died on my bed i was so tired. 

Elder Prince and Elder Do Vale (returning home)

friday we had a nice day, did divisions with members and i showed elder sorocaba the area! we had some cool lessons with former investigators we didnt know and explored a part of our area im not too familiar with!

this week i felt an overwhelming gratitude for modern revelation. the heavens are open for all of us to recieve orientation from our Heavenly Father. The changes to some organizations of the church included in the week of conference will be awesome! im so glad and i felt an amazing spirit in being able to sustain new apostles and a new senior apostle. it was great to be able to be in the session then to go home and receive again during my prayers a confirmation from God about our new prophet.

"And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things. " the promise from Moroni 10 is ready and waiting for all of us to ask any question we need an answers to. Ask of God.

Elder Prince, Elder Renaldo, Elder Saavedra, Elder Cantuario
have a good week!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March 31, 2018 letter -- Salvador

well fam we had a interesting week this week full of cleaning organizing and computer work.

the auditor came on tuesday so monday president requested that we do a deep clean on the office. the place is looking awesome and i finally feel like i know where stuff is now hahah after almost 3 months im still a little lost. also we have a safe here in the office for passports and stuff but no one has ever been able to shut it and get the combination to work. we spent about two hours on it and got 3 blisters and it still didnt shut. but were gonna get a new one. 

when the auditor came president brought breakfast and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from sister bangerter (pretty tasty but not as good as rachy's) and started to treat to every whim of the auditor. so i kinda hung out with presidnet bangerter while the auditor was with elder cantuario and then we went to the pelourinho haahhaha so yeah i got an extra p day this week. being secretary is cool sometimes. then we were able to teach vivaldo and reinaldo about the law of chastity and they actually loved it. we challenged vivaldo to talk to his wife and ask her to marry him! lets see what happens!!

wednesday we had zone meeting with President in the morning and training from São Paulo in the afternoon so it was a full day. we got to our area and were able to do some invitations to conference! President gave us a goal to invite well over 100 people to conference this week! thursday/friday we had a busy days organizing the office a little bit more and organizing documents/spreadsheets and folders on the computers to do back ups. Soon theyre gonna do a revamp/remodel in the office and mission home in preparation for the new president in june. sounds like such a thrilling day right?? nothing better than microsoft word and excel. but We have to treat this matters with care because its the organization of the Lords work here. D+C 84 am i right?

This week in preparation for conference I have been thinking about how grateful i am for modern day prophets and revelation. This weekend (today/tomorow) we wil have the opportunity to sustain two new apostles and our beloved prophet. Without prophets we wouldnt have the book of mormon or so much knowledge that we have gained in the past 200 years about Our Heavenly Father and his plan for us. I was also thinking a lot (after looking at some pictures) about our leaders. I used to think every conference weekend "goodness i gotta listen to all these old guys again??" but now i understand why. many people critize the church for our leadership being a bunch of guys who already have 234234513 great grandchildren and more than 70 years of age. But thats the beauty of it all, we have the people with the most experience practice and true wisdom in the world. They have survived generations and generations happily and with success without bending or breaking their morals because of the world. Who better to trust? not to mention that they were chosen of God. I am so grateful for their wisdom and leadership! respect your elders!

love elder prince