Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017 letter -- Teotonio Vilela (Ilheus)

my week was pretty chill. monday we went sightseeing downtown and saw some other elders. had a good lesson about the restoration with marcos and part of his family! 

Sao Sebastiao Cathedral

Elder Prince and Elder Sobral
tuesday we started teaching the mother of a recent convert! she didnt tell us but told her daughter that she wants to get baptized but doesnt know if now is the right time for her! pray for edinalva! shes kinda deaf so we had a fun time teaching her practically screaming the whole time wiht a lot of translating from her daughter hahah we get put in so many interesting situations during the mission hahah

wednesday we had zone meeting on the other side of the city so lots of travel and some good training there. it was just missionaries because we will have christmas conference in a few weeks! we have also started to set up soccer activies on wednesday nights for men and young men to come play together with dominoes and ping pong too. it was so awesome to see the church full of men and young men and we were able to get all their addresses and we have started visiting them! the look on our branch presidents face was priceless when he got there i dont think he had ever seen so many men or young men in the chapel hahaha

Elder Prince and his zone (elder costa e silva, elder lluberes, elder souza, elder moeira, elder bastos, elder davis, elder ferreira, elder sontag, sister g silva, sister miguel, and my companino and me in no particular order)
thursday we contacted some references with members and taught a really interesting lesson about the restoration to a presbyterian. he told us all about this gospel music cd hes recording and how is trying to work his way up to the level of priest and pastor in his church. it just really reminded me about the blessings of the restoration and how we have revelation to truly understand about the priesthood and callings and leadership in the true church of Jesus Christ. also a sweet family home evening in the church with most of the branch and investigators. 

friday we taught emanoel about the plan of salvation and he was all excited to get baptized this week! his excitement to read and get baptized is energizing for me. before he was just a low energy person but now he has really started to be lively and open  up to us. he is really happy and reading tons1

sunday i gave a talk on the restoration and we had some good visits with members to less activies and references! investigators are coming. we are getting some real good references from the members and everythings starting to go well. keep emanoel in your prayers for his baptism this saturday! trying to get some more dates of baptism out there but its coming slowly! gotta find more sincere people. 

i love you guys have a good week. 

Elder Prince

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017 -- Teotonio Vilela (Ilhéus)

monday i got to travel to salvador to pick up my new comp straight from the mtc and i sat on the bus by 3 missionaries going home and they were just trunky and nervous hahahah but we made it to salvador safely. 

tuesday we spent the whole day in presidents house recieving training and introducing the new missionaries to the mission. it was pretty cool and nice to be back in salvador. i had really missed it and it was fun to see some friends and other missionaries. I got my new comp elder sobral from sao paulo! hes been a member for a little over a year and he's extremely excited about the work. we finished off the night by picing up another bus back to ilheus 8 hours yay

Elder Prince and Elder Sobral

wednesday i showed elder sobral around the area and we met some membrers and some of our investigators. we had a cool lesson with emanoel and davi about their reading in the book of mormon and they both accepted baptismal dates in a few weeks! its so nice to have the book of mormon and challenge people to read it to gain a testimony. 

thursday and friday and saturday were just kind anormal proselting days. elder sobral got to experience his first day in the mission where you dont find a whole lot of people at home and you do a whole lot of walking. but we had a really cool experience. we were walking down the street and this man walks past us then turns around and stops us and read our nametags then nearly pulled us to his house to teach him more! his name is junior and we started talking about the Church of Jesus Crhist and how it was lost after the death of christ and was restored. He gave this whole explanation aout how he wondered why there were so many churches in our days and stuff and it was super cool.

we got to see a ton of less activies ths week and they all or most of them went to chrch it was so nice to see the church more full and stuff. 

i think the best part of this week is that every time we walk by the church elder sobral shakes his head because our church is gigantic but we only have  branch here. its so different for him becaus ehis ward is big but chapel small and it makes me laugh so hard everytime.
Gigantic church building for the branch

i love you all so much. Jesus loves you too.