Monday, July 17, 2017

July 10, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)

and the rains came down! it was a very good and interesting week beginning with all of our bathrooms losing hot water for a few days so we still arent really sure what happened but we are just grateful that the water came back so we arent doing the polar bear plunge everytime we take a shower. aside from a few interesting beetles and big spiders we had no interesting animals this week but we had a huge weather change! jequie is the hottest city in our mission but we had rain and rain and rain this week and some nippy winds  every day and night. i was actually cold for the first time this week when we had to take elder silva to the bus station in the pouring rain but then missed the bus ahhaha

tuesday started off pretty crappy with kaike dropping us. everything was pretty much set for his baptism this next week but we showed up and he was just like yeah i dont wanna go to church or hear the lessons anymore thanks now go away hahah we figured out after a sec that he has got himself into the wrong friend group and doesnt really want to leave them. i was pretty bummed because the gospel is what gives us happiness and a firm foundation!  but after we had a really awesome lesson with aleide about thw word of wisdom! it was nice and spiritual and she was really excited to try and stop drinnking coffee because of her headaches and addiction she thinks shes developed. but she has been doing really well with her goal to stop and im super happy for her! elder silva got called to be moved to porto seguro on wednesday and i got the card from the grandparents which was super good haha.  

we had a really interesting week planning and preparing damiana for her baptism hahahah. she had a few things she wanted to do before the baptism but we were just like heck no you gotta follow Christ and she was like oh yeah you is right. and It was really just like you need to do what God whats for you and not what will end up hurting you in the end. We taught her about the plan of salvatoin again and she was pretty much sold and super excited for saturday! her baptism went really well and almost their whole family was in the church for it! but we had one slight problem in the font. no i did not fall in again. but the water straight up ran out.. in the whole church... we got the font like halfway full and then the entire church went completely dry. so we ended up doing the baptism kneeling hahah. sunday there was still no water and everyone blamed us and i was just like oops. its so weird that its been raining so much and theres not water at the church. 

we found a couple young men alan and paul who are super sick and in terstested but they have some work to do. they both want to be baptized after seeing damianas baptism but had some trouble at church on sunday when they made some chick cry during sunday school so we have our work cut out hahaha but "all things are possible to him that believeth"

proverbs 23:7 " for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..." as we try to be positive and eliminate negativity we will perform better in everything we do! try to eliminate negative phrases and words and dont even think negatively! its easier said than done but why not give it a try!

i love you guys

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