Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017 -- Jequie (Mandacaru)

heyyy doooods

well this week was another week here in jequie. intersting animal of the week was two dead cats being eaten by the vultures on our streeet hahahaha now that you all have that beautiful image in your mind onto the gospel. we had zone conference this week and an awesome activity with our branch! the zone conference was super cool but because it was in a different city we lost some proseliting time to travel but a nice bus ride is good for the sleeping purposes. but the zone conference was awesome and always really recharging!

monday night we had a great family home evening with felipes family for damianas birthday! it was a really fun night and i think that it really helped the non members in their family feel the spirit and bond a little bit! 

tuesday we were able to really get to it and get some good work done. we ha an awesome lesson with alexandre, jeans cousin, abou the gospel of Jesus Christ. as you can imagine lessons with teenagers arent always the most reverent of times but one thing i thought was so cool was the strength and power of the spirit we were able to feel while we bore testimony about the power of walkig the straight and narrow path. we also went to visit some less actives and this old lady went on for about an hour about how she loves the church and knows its true but it was just too far away (down the street) so she decided to move even farther away out to the farmlands and start a baptist church in her house... 10/10 people would not recommend doing this and hey just go to church but okay. 

wednesday we had a way cool leesson with a part member family about the restoration. we ha been teaching the less active sister and this HUGE dude walks in and was like "why is it called the book of mormon?" so we explained it all then at the end he asked if we spoke in tongues( screaming in jibberish) and rolled at our church(literally rolling around on the ground) when we feel the spirit. so im just kinda trying to imagine this dude who is the size of ray lewis  rolling around on the ground in a church so we asked him if he thought that CHrist rolled around on the ground when he felt the spirit. then he got really quiet as if he never realized that Christ probably did not roll around n the ground. 

our activity with our branch was so cool! we had all the young men and young women write questions to ask returned missionaries about their missions and preparation then turned all the chairs around and did like a press conference type of thing with all the returned missionaries it was really inteersting and funny! i got to stand in the back and hold up the sign that said " stop talking you have been rambling on forever" but it was way awesome to hear their experiences"

at the zone conference president talked a lot about D+c 4:5 " and faith hope charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God qualify for the work" and how we can be better missionaries by developing these attributes and qualifying ourselves more!

i love you all!


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