Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017 letter -- Jequie (Mandacaru)

hellllllooooooo family!

we had an awesome week in this last week of the transfer and we were able to see huge miracles. its amazing to see how just doing the very basics diligently can provide miracles and success in our efforts. we felt really strongly that we should try hard to focus on finding new investigators this week so we started knocking doors on streets we hadnt worked much yet. and we knocked and knocked and knocked.. just keep knocking knocking knocking.. except in brazil you dont knock on doors you just stand in front of the house and clap.. as loud as possible because they gotta hear you inside the house. we were able to find some awesome men and families who were ready and excited to accept us and our message. 

tuesday we found willma and her family who have been bouncing around from church to church and we were able to have a spiritual lesson and really explain the importance of the restoration to them. as well as visit a less active part member family who have a true desire to come back to church and recieve all the blessings that the priesthood and atonement have for us. 

wednesday we found hebert natalicio and cleiton who are catholic but really enjoyed and understood the importance of the organization of the church and the restoratoin of the priesthood they were full of questions and really wanted to understand more about joseph smith and how the priesthood was brought back by elias as the bible says. its really interesting to teach people who have a good knowledge of scripture and religion. they all accepted baptismal dates and are really excited about it! 

thursday we were able to also teach alan´s parents and sister about the restoration. lets just say we taught the restoration a lot this week and it is incredible the spirit that we were able to feel everytime we teach this lesson. the restoration of the fullness of the perfect church of Christ invites the holy ghost so strongly to testify of the truthfor those who have an open heart and mind. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and Christ is at the head of HIS church leading us to happier lives and peace in our homes.

I was reading in the book of mormon in the book of enos this week. its only one chapter long but has such an amazing principle to be taught. PRAYER PRAAYER PRAAAAYER. as enos prays for a remission of his sins and protection for his bretheren the nephites and lamanites he describes his prayers as.. " my soul hungered, crying in mighty prayer and suplication, pour out my whole soul... struggle in the spirit... prayed and labored with all diligience..and i had faith and did cry unto God."

i think this example is so amazing and it really made me reevaluate my prayers. are we doing enough to show our HEavenly Father our love and gratitude for him and our blessings? are we praying ferevently enough to help our families? this week we can all do a little bit better to truly put some love and meaning into our prayers. we dont need to just pray but to plead and converse with our Father in Heaven. and after we pray we need to have faith that our desires will be fufilled in accordance with the Will of God. He loves us and will provide us with what we need when we need it. HAVE FAITH PRAY HARD

i will be leaving mandacaru tomorrow morning and going to Vitoria Da Conquista in the area Aeropeurto with elder do vale!

love elder prince

a really awesome family in our branch

our district
a cool work of art of the Last Supper

a sweet page from a training book about electronics in our lives that the church gave to all missionaries. 

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