Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)


Well lets all be honest who knew i would make it 3 days without mom let alone 6 months so ya im pretty proud of myself. but it has been truly blessed 6 months. i have had so much oppurtunity to grow and have so many new experiences on the other side of the world! brazil is such an amazing place filled with amazing people! the mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i might not admit it while im scratching my legs covered in mosquito bites or while im walking thru the pouring rain but its a privilege and honor to serve the Lord. 

this week we was a whole lot better we were able to come out of the gates at a full sprint because elder carvalho got off his bed rest and seemed to have a lot more energy. our little trio has been working really well together and the adventures of 5 missionaries in one house continue. this week alone we raised the count of animals found in our house with 3 birds and another froggy friend that we were eventually able to chase out of the house. 

this week we experiences some really good things but also some disappointments. We were able to teach caique and his grandmother some really solid lessons about the importance of strudying the scriptures and did some reading with them. they are really cool because his grandma doesnt know how to read so he reads for her and she is super ontop of him to read. the only issue with caique is the baptism. for some reason he loves the lessons and reading the scriptures with us but as soon as we talk about baptism he turns into a statue and shuts down. we literally cant get him to talk with us. he was totally ready to go to church this week but then just decided he was feeling to lazy to go when we passed by his house and though i felt like just dragging him to the church i feel like it might have looked kinda bad to everyone in the street lol. 

Damiana, felipes grandmother, was gone all week visiting some familbut saturday we were able to visit her and teach their whole family about the family a proclamation to the world and she asked for a priesthood blessing. the next day she came for fast and testimony meetin and was so impressed with all the testimonies she said she wants to bear hers the next month.. but she wants us to bear testimony about how we cured her with a blessing because shes too scared to talk in front of everyone. she is really progressing and excited to be baptized but we arent sure when it will be because she has to have surgery on her hand this week so it might be next saturday! please keep her in your prayers. 

matthew 5 16  " let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

SHINE bright like a diamond as our friend rihanna says (also Jesus said it)

i love you all

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