Monday, July 3, 2017

June 26, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)

To be quite honest this week was not great. 

Tuesday we went to the doctor because elder carvalho has been having hip pains and after some x rays we found out that he has a genetic problem in his femurs because the head of the bone is too big for the socket or is missing some indent or something thats not actually that serious. idk the doctor is even more confusing when they use big words in portuguese instead of just big words in english ahha. so yeah hes never gonna be able to do the splits v sad day for him and then to top it all off the doctor put him on a weeks bed rest!  kms lol. lets just say that neither president bangerter or I was very happy to hear about that. we set up an mri for him that we wil go to super super early tomorow morning. 

so the more round one is my comp, the tall one is elder brito, his comp is the other short one elder j souza and they are the zls. elder silva is the other one.

Wednesday we spent the day at home because comp "cant walk" while we waited for a curto praso or part time missionary to come so we could get out and do some work. we were able to get some visits in while he stayed with some members. Elder silva (part timer guy) is staying for us for the res of the transfer i think but we will see. its been really nice to have someone in the house who actually has a desire to be on a mission and work hard! then to make the week even better the other missionaries in jequie got their water shut off so they have been staying at our house! yay crowded house. elder carvalho then proceeded to waste all of his money on hamburgers and diet coke suuuuper healthy after the doctor told him that he needed to eat better and lose weight or the problem in his hips would get worse so i bought his medication twice this week.

Also this week was the holiday sao joao celebrating the beheading of john the baptist. way cool holiday... not. there have been lots and lots of firecrackers and bonfires in the streets here so thats actually kinda cool until the kids start to throw fire crackers at you lol. 

Elder silva and i were able to get out and work when we could find someone to stay with elder carvalho. we have been working hard for the baptism of kaike but he has his date on the 8th of july. we had some really good lessons with him about the book of mormon but then he went off the mapand didnt come to church so please keep him in your prayers. we have been working really hard iwth the family of felipe our recent convertand his grandmas has a date for the 8th of july and shes actually super excited! when we explained the true baptism and restoration of the priesthood she immediately was way more interested lol. the rest of the family kinda needs a kick in the pants to get to church but it should all work out. 

We had some really good lessons about he plan of salvatoin that really reinforced my testimony and i was able to bear testimony about how i will see my grandparents and ruth again. families are forever. 

john 16:33 "these things i have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer, i have overcome the world!"

listen to Christ he knows exactly what we need!

please keep kaike damiana aleide and babina in your prayers

i love you guys!


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