Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2917 letter -- Vitoria Da Conquista

another week has come and gone here in this wonderful country of brazil and this week was a little bit different from the rest of the weeks because it was.... COLD????? i have arrived safe and sound in my new area with no problems along the way, except a little carsickness on the bus ride, and i am here in conquista. I quickly caught a little cold and stuffy nose that is still with me until this very minute but its kinda cool cuz its always warm here so i never have stuffy nose. 

Sam and Sponge Bob Square Pants
but the new comp and area are super sweet! elder do vale is from londrina parana and he is suuuper sweet i imagine him fitting in with the boys super well but i think the coolest part is that he is actually super country and just talks about how much he misses his cowboy boots and the rodeo hahah. my new district here is pretty sweet too and the whole district speaks english except for my comp but i really think he does speak english because when i try to tech him words or phrases he has perfect pronunciation. i will do a little bit more investigating and report back. yes he is very brazilian and i love him. its just us in the house! theres like 6 more duplas (pairs) its a pretty big city.  area here is a ward so thats a cool change from jequie, not that i didnt love my branch but there is just something nice about having lunch everyday with the members SUCH A BLESSING

New companion Elder Do Vale
i am really excited to be here in this new area, its been pretty cold and windy and rainy all week so its a big change. its a pretty flat city here so the wind gets going pretty well but it also means that i dont have to walk up hills hahahha also drumroll....... THERES NO COBBLESTONE HALLELUAH PRAISE THE LORD QUE FELICIDADES!!!!! my feet havent felt this good in months and my ingrown toenails are practically gone already im super happy. the area makes up a couple neighborhoods and has mostly asphalt and dirt roads. there is a difference in two parts of our area, one with a little more money and one with a little less but its chiill. also my trainer went home this week rip elder cruz i miss that guy. this week we did a lot of searching and contacting to try and revamp the group and excite the area a little bit.

i read elder hollands talk "songs sung and unsung" this week and the dude just threw down in this talk. i felt the spirit so strongly and encourage you all to read it. "brothers and sisters we live in a mortal world with many songs we cannot or do not yet sing, but i plead with each one of us to stay permanently and faithfully in the choir, where we will be able to savor forever that most precious anthem of all -- the song of redeeming love"

i love this talk and this thought for every one of us. we might not be able to do everything or be the perfect person we want to be but that doesnt matter. we are all unique and loved just the same. love more be happy have faith!!

i love you guys

elder prince 

Monday, July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017 letter -- Jequie (Mandacaru)

hellllllooooooo family!

we had an awesome week in this last week of the transfer and we were able to see huge miracles. its amazing to see how just doing the very basics diligently can provide miracles and success in our efforts. we felt really strongly that we should try hard to focus on finding new investigators this week so we started knocking doors on streets we hadnt worked much yet. and we knocked and knocked and knocked.. just keep knocking knocking knocking.. except in brazil you dont knock on doors you just stand in front of the house and clap.. as loud as possible because they gotta hear you inside the house. we were able to find some awesome men and families who were ready and excited to accept us and our message. 

tuesday we found willma and her family who have been bouncing around from church to church and we were able to have a spiritual lesson and really explain the importance of the restoration to them. as well as visit a less active part member family who have a true desire to come back to church and recieve all the blessings that the priesthood and atonement have for us. 

wednesday we found hebert natalicio and cleiton who are catholic but really enjoyed and understood the importance of the organization of the church and the restoratoin of the priesthood they were full of questions and really wanted to understand more about joseph smith and how the priesthood was brought back by elias as the bible says. its really interesting to teach people who have a good knowledge of scripture and religion. they all accepted baptismal dates and are really excited about it! 

thursday we were able to also teach alan´s parents and sister about the restoration. lets just say we taught the restoration a lot this week and it is incredible the spirit that we were able to feel everytime we teach this lesson. the restoration of the fullness of the perfect church of Christ invites the holy ghost so strongly to testify of the truthfor those who have an open heart and mind. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and Christ is at the head of HIS church leading us to happier lives and peace in our homes.

I was reading in the book of mormon in the book of enos this week. its only one chapter long but has such an amazing principle to be taught. PRAYER PRAAYER PRAAAAYER. as enos prays for a remission of his sins and protection for his bretheren the nephites and lamanites he describes his prayers as.. " my soul hungered, crying in mighty prayer and suplication, pour out my whole soul... struggle in the spirit... prayed and labored with all diligience..and i had faith and did cry unto God."

i think this example is so amazing and it really made me reevaluate my prayers. are we doing enough to show our HEavenly Father our love and gratitude for him and our blessings? are we praying ferevently enough to help our families? this week we can all do a little bit better to truly put some love and meaning into our prayers. we dont need to just pray but to plead and converse with our Father in Heaven. and after we pray we need to have faith that our desires will be fufilled in accordance with the Will of God. He loves us and will provide us with what we need when we need it. HAVE FAITH PRAY HARD

i will be leaving mandacaru tomorrow morning and going to Vitoria Da Conquista in the area Aeropeurto with elder do vale!

love elder prince

a really awesome family in our branch

our district - Elder Carvalho, Sister Gama, German, Elder J Souza , Brito
a cool work of art of the Last Supper

a sweet page from a training book about electronics in our lives that the church gave to all missionaries. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017 -- Jequie (Mandacaru)

heyyy doooods

well this week was another week here in jequie. intersting animal of the week was two dead cats being eaten by the vultures on our streeet hahahaha now that you all have that beautiful image in your mind onto the gospel. we had zone conference this week and an awesome activity with our branch! the zone conference was super cool but because it was in a different city we lost some proseliting time to travel but a nice bus ride is good for the sleeping purposes. but the zone conference was awesome and always really recharging!

monday night we had a great family home evening with felipes family for damianas birthday! it was a really fun night and i think that it really helped the non members in their family feel the spirit and bond a little bit! 
Elder Carvalho and investigators

tuesday we were able to really get to it and get some good work done. we ha an awesome lesson with alexandre, jeans cousin, abou the gospel of Jesus Christ. as you can imagine lessons with teenagers arent always the most reverent of times but one thing i thought was so cool was the strength and power of the spirit we were able to feel while we bore testimony about the power of walkig the straight and narrow path. we also went to visit some less actives and this old lady went on for about an hour about how she loves the church and knows its true but it was just too far away (down the street) so she decided to move even farther away out to the farmlands and start a baptist church in her house... 10/10 people would not recommend doing this and hey just go to church but okay. 

wednesday we had a way cool leesson with a part member family about the restoration. we ha been teaching the less active sister and this HUGE dude walks in and was like "why is it called the book of mormon?" so we explained it all then at the end he asked if we spoke in tongues( screaming in jibberish) and rolled at our church(literally rolling around on the ground) when we feel the spirit. so im just kinda trying to imagine this dude who is the size of ray lewis  rolling around on the ground in a church so we asked him if he thought that CHrist rolled around on the ground when he felt the spirit. then he got really quiet as if he never realized that Christ probably did not roll around n the ground. 

our activity with our branch was so cool! we had all the young men and young women write questions to ask returned missionaries about their missions and preparation then turned all the chairs around and did like a press conference type of thing with all the returned missionaries it was really inteersting and funny! i got to stand in the back and hold up the sign that said " stop talking you have been rambling on forever" but it was way awesome to hear their experiences"

at the zone conference president talked a lot about D+c 4:5 " and faith hope charity and love, with an eye single to the glory of God qualify for the work" and how we can be better missionaries by developing these attributes and qualifying ourselves more!

i love you all!


July 10, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)

and the rains came down! it was a very good and interesting week beginning with all of our bathrooms losing hot water for a few days so we still arent really sure what happened but we are just grateful that the water came back so we arent doing the polar bear plunge everytime we take a shower. aside from a few interesting beetles and big spiders we had no interesting animals this week but we had a huge weather change! jequie is the hottest city in our mission but we had rain and rain and rain this week and some nippy winds  every day and night. i was actually cold for the first time this week when we had to take elder silva to the bus station in the pouring rain but then missed the bus ahhaha

tuesday started off pretty crappy with kaike dropping us. everything was pretty much set for his baptism this next week but we showed up and he was just like yeah i dont wanna go to church or hear the lessons anymore thanks now go away hahah we figured out after a sec that he has got himself into the wrong friend group and doesnt really want to leave them. i was pretty bummed because the gospel is what gives us happiness and a firm foundation!  but after we had a really awesome lesson with aleide about thw word of wisdom! it was nice and spiritual and she was really excited to try and stop drinnking coffee because of her headaches and addiction she thinks shes developed. but she has been doing really well with her goal to stop and im super happy for her! elder silva got called to be moved to porto seguro on wednesday and i got the card from the grandparents which was super good haha.  

Elder Carvalho and Damiana
we had a really interesting week planning and preparing damiana for her baptism hahahah. she had a few things she wanted to do before the baptism but we were just like heck no you gotta follow Christ and she was like oh yeah you is right. and It was really just like you need to do what God whats for you and not what will end up hurting you in the end. We taught her about the plan of salvatoin again and she was pretty much sold and super excited for saturday! her baptism went really well and almost their whole family was in the church for it! but we had one slight problem in the font. no i did not fall in again. but the water straight up ran out.. in the whole church... we got the font like halfway full and then the entire church went completely dry. so we ended up doing the baptism kneeling hahah. sunday there was still no water and everyone blamed us and i was just like oops. its so weird that its been raining so much and theres not water at the church. 

we found a couple young men alan and paul who are super sick and in terstested but they have some work to do. they both want to be baptized after seeing damianas baptism but had some trouble at church on sunday when they made some chick cry during sunday school so we have our work cut out hahaha but "all things are possible to him that believeth"

proverbs 23:7 " for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..." as we try to be positive and eliminate negativity we will perform better in everything we do! try to eliminate negative phrases and words and dont even think negatively! its easier said than done but why not give it a try!

i love you guys

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)


Well lets all be honest who knew i would make it 3 days without mom let alone 6 months so ya im pretty proud of myself. but it has been truly blessed 6 months. i have had so much oppurtunity to grow and have so many new experiences on the other side of the world! brazil is such an amazing place filled with amazing people! the mission is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i might not admit it while im scratching my legs covered in mosquito bites or while im walking thru the pouring rain but its a privilege and honor to serve the Lord. 

this week we was a whole lot better we were able to come out of the gates at a full sprint because elder carvalho got off his bed rest and seemed to have a lot more energy. our little trio has been working really well together and the adventures of 5 missionaries in one house continue. this week alone we raised the count of animals found in our house with 3 birds and another froggy friend that we were eventually able to chase out of the house. 

this week we experiences some really good things but also some disappointments. We were able to teach caique and his grandmother some really solid lessons about the importance of strudying the scriptures and did some reading with them. they are really cool because his grandma doesnt know how to read so he reads for her and she is super ontop of him to read. the only issue with caique is the baptism. for some reason he loves the lessons and reading the scriptures with us but as soon as we talk about baptism he turns into a statue and shuts down. we literally cant get him to talk with us. he was totally ready to go to church this week but then just decided he was feeling to lazy to go when we passed by his house and though i felt like just dragging him to the church i feel like it might have looked kinda bad to everyone in the street lol. 

Damiana, felipes grandmother, was gone all week visiting some familbut saturday we were able to visit her and teach their whole family about the family a proclamation to the world and she asked for a priesthood blessing. the next day she came for fast and testimony meetin and was so impressed with all the testimonies she said she wants to bear hers the next month.. but she wants us to bear testimony about how we cured her with a blessing because shes too scared to talk in front of everyone. she is really progressing and excited to be baptized but we arent sure when it will be because she has to have surgery on her hand this week so it might be next saturday! please keep her in your prayers. 

matthew 5 16  " let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

SHINE bright like a diamond as our friend rihanna says (also Jesus said it)

i love you all

June 26, 2017 - Jequie (Mandacaru)

To be quite honest this week was not great. 

Tuesday we went to the doctor because elder carvalho has been having hip pains and after some x rays we found out that he has a genetic problem in his femurs because the head of the bone is too big for the socket or is missing some indent or something thats not actually that serious. idk the doctor is even more confusing when they use big words in portuguese instead of just big words in english ahha. so yeah hes never gonna be able to do the splits v sad day for him and then to top it all off the doctor put him on a weeks bed rest!  kms lol. lets just say that neither president bangerter or I was very happy to hear about that. we set up an mri for him that we wil go to super super early tomorow morning. 

so the more round one is my comp, the tall one is elder brito, his comp is the other short one elder j souza and they are the zls. elder silva is the other one.

Wednesday we spent the day at home because comp "cant walk" while we waited for a curto praso or part time missionary to come so we could get out and do some work. we were able to get some visits in while he stayed with some members. Elder silva (part timer guy) is staying for us for the res of the transfer i think but we will see. its been really nice to have someone in the house who actually has a desire to be on a mission and work hard! then to make the week even better the other missionaries in jequie got their water shut off so they have been staying at our house! yay crowded house. elder carvalho then proceeded to waste all of his money on hamburgers and diet coke suuuuper healthy after the doctor told him that he needed to eat better and lose weight or the problem in his hips would get worse so i bought his medication twice this week.

Also this week was the holiday sao joao celebrating the beheading of john the baptist. way cool holiday... not. there have been lots and lots of firecrackers and bonfires in the streets here so thats actually kinda cool until the kids start to throw fire crackers at you lol. 

Elder silva and i were able to get out and work when we could find someone to stay with elder carvalho. we have been working hard for the baptism of kaike but he has his date on the 8th of july. we had some really good lessons with him about the book of mormon but then he went off the mapand didnt come to church so please keep him in your prayers. we have been working really hard iwth the family of felipe our recent convertand his grandmas has a date for the 8th of july and shes actually super excited! when we explained the true baptism and restoration of the priesthood she immediately was way more interested lol. the rest of the family kinda needs a kick in the pants to get to church but it should all work out. 

We had some really good lessons about he plan of salvatoin that really reinforced my testimony and i was able to bear testimony about how i will see my grandparents and ruth again. families are forever. 

john 16:33 "these things i have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. in the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer, i have overcome the world!"

listen to Christ he knows exactly what we need!

please keep kaike damiana aleide and babina in your prayers

i love you guys!