Sunday, September 30, 2018

September 24, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaros (Vitoria da Conquista)

thought i would try to get a nice weekly update to you. i think it might be pretty weak. 

so monday we had a chill day and got ready to travel to salvador. i got my hair cut and broke off part of the capsule thing for my bottom retainer. but everything is still strong and hasnt broken fully. dont worry i talked to president about it. 

monday night we had a nice long bus ride and the mission council all day tuesday! a bunch of training and we talked about how we can find more investigaors and more quality investigators! it was a nice meeting and inspired me to change and try to get better.
Mission Leadership Council
Wednesday we got back from salvador and had to organize some materials and get different things to different people. also elder espirito santo got transferred so we spent most of the afternoon getting his stuff ready, then once we got to the bus station elder sorocaba had only bought his bus for later that night. so essentially we wasted time getting his stuff ready to early. but then we had a way sick FHE with some members and their family who was visiting from out of town. it is such a privilege to teach people about the Restoration and the effect it has on all of us! 

Thursday morning we got an urgent call from the Thompsons saying that the sisters needed fans for their apartment because it was too hot. so we spent the morning chasing down fans and delivering them to the sisters on the other side of the city. meanwhile im sleeping at night witha  blanket and a sweatshirt. how in the world they are too hot at night is beyond me. then we had some normal proselyting to finish out the day as well as a thrilling discussion about the book of mormon with Junior and Marcos. lots of talk about open scripture canon and how the bible is enough. who knows i think having more scripture is always helpful! the Book of Mormon is truly God´s blessing to all of us. 

the rest of the week was fairly normal except they cut our water! our whole apartment building has been without water since friday so we have been taking showers out of 2 liter coke bottles we carry home from the church! count your blessings! 

have a good week
Elder Prince

Monday, September 17, 2018

September 17, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaros (Vitoria da Conquista)

so my week was pretty exciting! its been super different to be in an area again! i cant even explain it, my feet are sore and my pants are dusty but there is no better feeling. My companion is Elder Machado from Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil and he was trained by elder Christofferson! Morada dos Passaros is a pretty strong and relatively new branch here in Vitória da Conquista and i am loving it so far. its been so nice to just wake up study and go out to work. its been kinda weird adjusting to the new area because i was in the office for so long with the same members and same area. its kinda the same feeling that i had when i got into the mission and felt like i was in a different world! but its been fun. 

monday i spent the day in the office working on the transfer stuff and then i packed my bags and took the overnight bus, yes i do sleep well on buses, planes and in cars. its a blessing hahaha. 
Brazil Salvador South office staff with the Biddulph's

Elder Prince, Elder Gray, and Elder Sorocaba right before his transfer

when i got to conquista it was chilly! not actually cold at all but now that i have been in tropical salvador for so long 60 with a little wind is like a winter storm for me haha. we had a nice day working in our area and gettng to know some contacts and investigators a little better. we also had to pick up a medical exam in the city center for another elder who spent the day with us before he went to a different area. got to spend some more time in a public bus! been a while since i have done that too. hahah. 

wednesday we took this other elder early to the bus station to meet up with the new elder who would open up a new area. here in conquista there were a few complicated situations so part of our zone got whitewashed and we have had to show some people around a little bit. our lunch was like an hour away and where we went doesnt have buses so we got some steps in as mom would say. then we made some really good visits during the rest of the day. we confirmed the baptism of maristella and thabata for saturday and hlped them clear up some doubts. we also had some new investigators who we really liked Robson, vanessa and their 4 children. its been fun to teach them about the restoration! they dont have a church and areally looking for some help as robson is unemployed recently and vanessa got diagnosed with cancer. its amazing to see the faith of the people here!

thursday we had our weekly planning and some nice lessons in the afternoon. we also had a activty at the chapel for the branch and the other ward here and it was fun. we got asked to give a short message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well. There were some investigators and less actives who have been having some problems that really enjoyed the message and it was awesome to see their eyes and faces light up. i really think that is one of the best parts of being a missionary. seeing the hope that the Lord's message brings to his children. but the night ended a little strange as some sarcastic comments were thrown around and a relief society cat fight almost broke out during the game after the message. 

friday had our district meeting  and visited some investigators to mark appointments and confirm them to visit church on sunday. we also had stella and thabata's interviews and they passed with flying colors. their story is amazing and i cant wait to tell you all about it another time. 

Elder Prince, Elder Machado, Maristella and Thabata, and another elder
saturday we spent the morning filling up the font and preparing the chapel for the baptism, at the same time as weekly chapel cleaning and a branch BBQ. you could say that my first week in this new area was very #blessed. The baptism went perfectly and the meat was awesome. then we taught some of the sisters investigatosr about the commandments and the need for baptism and we were able to help them mark baptismal dates! it was interesting to teach with 4 missionaries at the same time and see how elders and sisters teach differently. 

sunday went really well. the confirmations were great and we were surprised when our investigators invited some friends and neighbors to come to church with us. we looked like a little herd of people walking to the chapel! the sunday service was awesome and we had a really nice lesson in elders quorum about forgiveness. our investigators also really liked it. 

today we have done a little shoppig for groceries and cleaned our house.

this week i read the parable of the 10 virgins more than a few times. its such an amazing parable and really shows us the necessity of preparing and always being ready for whatever could come our way. It is more centralized in the Lord's 2nd coming but i thought a lot about how it could apply to little emergencies that we have in our everyday lives. If we are living the commandments and the gospel, giving a good effort the Lord will bless us endlessly and we will be prepared for whatever could pass in front of us as well as preparing us for the 2nd coming. give it a little read Matthew 25:1-13. He lives! He loves us! He is always there for us. Pray to him in your secret places and he will give you the strength and prepare you to face anything in your lives. 

Elder Prince

Monday, September 10, 2018

September 10, 2018 -- Transfers!

I'm being transferred to Vitoria da Conquista! i totally forgot i hadnt told you yet hahah. im excited ill go to Area Morada dos Passaros its a branch and ill be ZL. my new comp is elder Machado from Fortaleza, and some short term missionary who will only be with us for a week. im not super sad about leaving the office. sad to leave elder Gray and Sorocaba and worried about the office work. elder gray will do great but the visas are complicated and stressful.

Elder Prince

"yes, it's ice cream!"

September 8, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

monday we had a meeting with president and a family night with irmão Cely and his family and our investigator Dominique. We talked about things that keep us on the straight and narrow path, theme coming from a talk from Elder Pearson from last year, it wa in the Liahona this month. way good family night and we had ham and homemade-bread after. 

Wednesday we had training on how to install OneDrive on the computer and how to use it in the visa process, its like iCloud for microsoft online. in the evening we had some visits but by far my favorite was visiting Romilda and teaching her about the Temple. She is about to have a year of being baptized and we want her to start thinking about going to the temple. Her and her daughter really liked the family history idea and actually started fillin in the family tree and stuff. 

Thursday we delivered some boxes of book of mormons to the mission president's counselors home, he will be traveling to visit Bom Jesus da Lapa. Then in the evening we had divisions with Valmir. It wasnt a super successful night because its the night before a holiday and long weekends are everyones favorite party times here in brazil.

friday (Brazilian Independence Day) we had a busy morning with training from SP about how to start the residency process here in brazil. lately we have been in the dark about visa renewal and the ball is finally starting to roll.. as soon as im leaving the office. we also taught Nilza, Isaiah's wife, the first lesson. So far it has been pretty difficult to get her to listen to us because of somethings that happened in the past and because she is a bartender.. of the bar.. in their house.. but things are coming around!

Elder Prince

Friday, September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

Sister and Brother Prince, 

We just wanted to let you know how wonderful your son is.  He is Obedient and works with all his heart might mind and strength.  We have learned and relied on all his knowledge about the mission.  He has been such a huge blessing to us for the past 2 months.  We honestly don’t know if we could have made it with out his help and encouragement  It will be be fun to see what he continues to do with his life. We are sure very many amazing accomplishments and leadership roles.  

Sincerely Sister and President Biddulph
Brazil Salvador South Mission

Elder Gray, Elder Sorocaba, and Elder Prince

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September 1, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

monday we had a nice meeting with president to plan out his week and some stuff for the zone conference. We also taught lessons to Alex/ Val and then Mateus and Geisa. I also got to do a little bit more in depth studying on the visa process so i dont leave president and elder gray in the dark once i leave the office haha. 

tuesday we picked up elder sousa from the airport. he was a temporary missionary then went to the MTC and came back to our mission! I got my brazilian ID card at the airport, a cool little souvenior for me! then we had training from Sao Paolo (headquarters for the Church in Brazil) in the afternoon, made a spreadsheet to organize our visa progress hahah. and taught a lesson to a lady we contacted last week, Eunice. it was a nice lesson. 

wednesday we had a dope district meeting. we also had to visit the notary to get some divorce papers for investigators in another city who will be getting married and baptized! and taught some nice lessons. We were able to visit with Luciana and Antonio and teach them about the law of chastity, always a risky one, but they really loved it and understood. Its been so nice to teach such a cool family and see how they truly feel about our standards and their excitement to live them. then we taught Augusto, haziels stepgrandpa. the first time we tried to teach him like 4 months ago he kinda ran away.. like 5 times.. but this time he came up to us and asked us to teach him. we had a really nice lesson and were able to feel the Spirit testify to all those present. it was awesome considering that their family has been having some troubles lately and we were able to help them understand the importance of families and the gospel.  

thursday was rather normal in the office, we had to scan some passports and update some visa applications. then at night we had a nice lesson with dominique and Cristovão and dominique told us all about her family problems and asked us advice on how she could be a good Christian but deal with some of these problems the way they need to be dealt. it was cool to be able to use some stories from Christ's life to help her. as we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation, they loved the idea of a forever family (who doesnt?) and it gave a sweet end to the message. 

today we played soccer this morning and had fun!
Elder Prince
                                                     Elder Gray and Elder Sorocaba

Exposition with ward missionaries (Diana's cousin, Diana, Ryan, Elder Alves, Elder Sena, Vinicius)