Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017 letter -- Vitoria Da Conquista

my week was pretty good i thought i was gonna be all trunky with the boys but i didnt hardly think about it at all so thats awesome. [Several of Sam's close friends returned from their missions this past week]. we had some really good lessons and found some new people to teach. it was pretty rainy and cold this weeek and it kinda shut the city down here everyone just kinda stays inside but doesnt want to let you in always hahha. i used my long sleeve white shirt for the first time since the mtc so that was a way cool different thing hahaha. 

on tuesday we had another service project and we put this paste all over the walls of the home of some memberand it ate up most of our day. but service is always good and makes me feel like im doing a good thing for that person. but also four missionaries who havenever worked with paste or paint so the walls didnt turn out like the most beautiful things ever hahahah but its the heart and the action that counts not the result. also leticia got sick on tuesday so we did not get to meet with her all week and she wasnt able to get to church but we already have marked to see her this week so things are lookin up!!! 

wednesday we met reginaldo who is super sick!! we were trying to contact some people and he invited us in to ask some questions and learn some more about the church. we taught him a super spiritual lesson and explained the restoration a little bit different to him as we followed the spirit and it was a super awesome lesson. im excited because he seems really interested and was truly listening and understanding when we taught him.

On thursday we had a really cool lesson with a recent convert carol. we were just following up on a reading with her when she began to ask questions about family history and the importance of geneology and i was able to talk and explain to her a ton about it. i may not have fufilled my role as family history counselor before my mission but i know how it works so it was aweosme to be able to explain it to her and challenge her to start doing hers so she can take some names to the temple. 

friday we were walkin in the mud going to an appointment when this lady started asking what kind of religion we were and stopped us as we were walking pretty fast (may or may not have been late) and marked an appointment with her later in the day. Iraci has 13 children and has been bouncing around religions trying to find on that she really likes. she loved our message and has a lot of interest in the concept of eternal families. 

this week was awesome because we were able to have some less active members go to church after we had been visiting them for awhile. rita wasnt able to go to church but we are still hoping that everything will go well for her baptism on saturday!! please keep her and leticia and iraci and aluis in your prayers!!

read a super sweet chapter in mosiah this week when abinadi quotes isiah idk how you spell it english is hard. 
mosiah 14:3-5

he is despised and rejected of men:a man of sorrows and aquainted with grief, and we hid as it were our faces from him: and he was despised and we esteemed him not... surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.. AND WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED.

Christ is my hero. I cant imagine how his life was or how much he loves us. he loves us so much that when we are hurt or sad we can be happy at his expense. the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is so real. Trust in him.

love you all

elder prince

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 21, 2017 letter -- Vitoria Da Conquista


also hello everyone. i like to include everyone when i repy to this so that you all know when im making fun of you. 

hahahha nice regular week mom im glad you guys did fun stuff before school. team mom karianne. its finally come your time to be complete football team mom. barbs not there for ya but im confident you can do it.. also how was brax?? im glad you got to see luke and im glad he was doing well. its funny to think about him trying to speak english because i have the same problems hahah. also ya im probably gonna go to byu. when i got the email to get in back in february it was just kinda like ya wow i guess i gotta go there ahahahha. also be careful what you teach mom dont preach apostasy (the only drink in heaven will be chocolate milk from brown cows). you are so soft now. everyone stays up so late what is this crap. also i love my retinas and my sight is a gift from god so i'm not gonna damage this holy sacred and magnificent temple that is my body just to look at the sun. like duh mom. jared dont play too much xbox with the new neighbors. 

also yes mother you're right the mission is not easy but its great haha. as much as it sucks sometimes im standing shoulder to shoulder with the only perfect life that ever lived and im trying to preach my guts out about how He, and only He, can bring us everlasting happiness. its been so awesome to learn so much and actally understand more of the gospel. its like im finally a member of the church hahahaha. 

this week was good on tuesday we helped the sisters move to their new apartment so we just moved everything it was super fun i love carryying heavy stuff up and down stairs hahah. 

wednesday we visited a less active member and we found the whole family in the house! we were able to teach the restoration and they are gonna start coming to church with us. one of their daughters rita wants to get baptized and the less active sister wants to start coming to church again. but i also went home with a little bit of the runs. not all food is good and not all water is clean hahahah watch out. so i spent the rest of that day and most of thrusday in the bathroom until some medication finally kicked in. 

but we were able to meet with alexandre and adenilza and get them started with their son caio who is a member on reading the book of mormon and saying family prayers each day. they are a super awesome family who are just waiting on some papers to get married and baptized. it ssuper fun to visit them because they have been going to church for 4 years now but havent gotten married yet so its almost like they are members hahahl.. we are really hoping that everything will go well with them. 

on saturday we taught a super awesome lesson to cesar and lora who were references from the bishop of another ward. They have been really awesome to teach because they are full of questions and interest. Cesar wanted to talk more and more about the book of mormon and was just full of questions. We were able to testify to him about the power of God and his desires for us to have these amazing scruptures that include the full gospel of Crhist. 

yesterday we had a way good lesson about the book of mormon during elders quorom and he talked a lot about how Thomas S monson has had some interestnig topics of his talks in the last general conference. Love and the need and importance of the book of mormon. He only talked for a few moments but our Modern day prophet put an emphasis on reading the book of mormon and strengthening our testimonies of Christ. 

i love you all have a good week!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017 letter -- Vitoria Da Conquista

welll helloooooo salt lake city utah and whereever else this is being read. another week down and a lot more fun to be had still. This week was a bit of a sweet week with zone conference and stake conference we got to hear from a 70 and pres bangerter two times this week!!

tuesday we had an awesome lesson with leticia. her husband is a member and we have been working and praying really hard that she will be baptized soon. shes been taught by the missionaries for quite sometime now but just hasnt had it in her to take the step into the baptismal font but this week she said she was going to be baptized!!!!!>... but wait theres more she doesnt know when. we have set a date with her but she really just needs the last push over the edge. this week was a huge breakthrough becasue we retaught the plan of salvation and for some reason she just interuppted us durin the middle of the lesson and started talking about baptism. so then we ended up teaching more about baptism and tryin to help her overcome her fear. we still arent really sure whats holdin her back but we are workin on it. please keep her in your prayers. 

wednesday we spent part of the day gettin ready for zone conference and while we were in between appointments we saw a man on the side of the road crying so we went to talk to him. His name is Lel and he has had some difficulties in his life with losing his job and making a lot of sacrafices to have kids with his wife (not actually married thats rare here in bahia) but he was havin a bad time. we were able to talk a lot with him about how we can have more hope for a better world and better life when we follow the teachings of Christ. He perked up a ilttle bit more and we have an appointment with him for this week im super excited! 

friday we had our zone conference and president talked a lot more about how we need to treat the rules of the mission and our obedience like joseph smith had to treat the golden plates. The mission rules are extremely important to help us to have our focus on the mission. He also talke about the importance of understanding and living the higher law or the sermon on the mount. A story was told about how he regularly read matthew 5-7 with his father to be able to learn better the principles that Christ teaches us in these chapters. He also put an emphasis on how the sermon on the mount must be of great importance because it was the first thing that Christ taught when he appeared in the americas nearly word for word. I love the sermon on the mount and i have now read it a few times eince friday haha. It is important that we follow these teachings of Christ so that we can be happier and be a light in the lives of those around us. Mom read this with dad and the kids hehe. 

sunday we had an awesome stake conference and Elder Pinto of the 70 spoke about how we need to try harder to be testimonies of Christ in all aspects of our lives. this had great importance to me because i recognized that I need to testify more about Our Savior and what he has done for me. The Savior lives and loves each of us dearly.

scripture for the week is one that sister bangerter shared with us. 2 nephi 9:39

"... remember to be carnally minded is death and to be Spiritually Minded ILife Eternal." 

i really like the principle here that teaches how we need to be more focused on the important and spiritually part of our lives. we have a lot going on and are super busy but we often lose sight of the gospel and let ourselves be drawn away. we can fight against this by dong the small things, prayer scriptures repentence and takin the sacrament each week. also sister bangerter ´pointed out what the first letter of the words in this scripture spells. SMILE AND BE HAPPY

i love you all.

Elder Prince and Elder Do Vale and Caiu
Zone Conference  
Elder Prince and Elder High

Elder Prince and Elder Eli

Sam and the big horn

Vitoria Da Conquista (and a goat)

Mission scripture case (its a case i cuz i need to protect my holy bible in the celestial lanuage of portuuese. pres bangerter said that is was the celestial lanuage and sis bangerter burned him so hard so preachin apostasy hahahaha)

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 7, 2017 letter -- Vitoria Da Conquista

hello to all this week my weekly is gonna be super weak.. how punny hahahhaha

Elder Do Vale

SO MUCH COLLEGE NEW HOME AND OUR HOME IS JUST CHANGING SO MUCH WOW NOW RACHEL WILL BE THE CAVEWOMANH HAHAHAHHAHAHA IM SO FUNNY. but seriously wow our house is changing. life at 4022 splendor way is gona be a lot different without megans lifelong soundtrack playing all the time. also rachel is blessed to have that bathroom all to her self. its a nice bathroom.  [Megan will be moving to BYU in 2 weeks and Rachel has moved downstairs to Sam's old room in the basement.] also yay church JESUS LOVES YOU CHURCH IS TRUE.

this week was a bit hotter. the sun came out a lot more but it still cooled down a lot at night. i still have a stuffy nose and im just not happy about it. oh well i guess i should wear my sweater more. my washing machine is broken but we are getting a new one cuz the senior couple for our mission is american and they love me hahaha. also my mattress is too hard and the other is too soft and i cant find the one thats just right. goldielocks is a lie. 

so monday we played a lot of basketball at the church it was sweeeeet. i miss basketballl and playing sports. its a blessing to have elder high in my district because brazilians just dont reallyl know how to play hhahaha. 

tuesday we spent the wholle day teaching and finding new investigators! it was sweet but the end of the day comes around and you just dont want to talk anymore because you been talking all day. sometimes im teaching peole and they just have blank stares and i wonder if they are understanding a single word i am saying. not cuz of the language but because of the doctrinee and stuff. 

wednesday we taught our ward mission leaders wife the first vision during lunch and shes pretty sick and one of our more solid investigators. we also taught this really awesome family who is part member but they are just trying to get married so they can be baptized. theyre super mormon just not married. it was way cool to tech them the paln of salvation because they kinda knew it because they have been to church so much but we were able to clear up a lot of things for them.  

we found a former investigator from like 4 years ago knocking who was not baptized because her parents are alcoholics and always cuss out the missionaries. we started teaching her again and she loves the messages but we are facing the same difficulties the other missionaries faced ahahha. we also taught this lady all about the restoration and she was super stoked but then got to the end of the lesson and said she would never go to church because in every church she goes in she faints because of the holy ghost. we tried to explain to her that thats just not how it works but she just wasnt having it hahha. oh well. 

saturday we contacted a really awesome family from a refence and they live super far away. we got there and it was an aparment and the numbers werent very clear and we started freakin out because we thought we got the wrong address and wasted all that time walkig out there but we found them eventually and taught an awesome lesson. i love the first vision. evertime i teach it i am able to feel the spirit and have my testimony strengthened. we made some peeps cry during the lesson and i also did a really weird thing and when i explained about joseph reading the bible in james and being inspired to pray i made a erally weird lightbulb noise like in despicable me and it was super funnny during a spiritual moment but it worked out hahhaah

the food is still just rice and beans and pasta but its good. we have been making alot of french fries cuz its easy and my companion and i dont know how to cook hahaha. schedule is exactly the same in every area. ive been going to bed a little to late so i think i need to work on that. the water here is pretty dirty so its hard to drink a ton but ive been buying lots of bottled water dont worry. i think i might start taking a vitamin because idk how healthy im being here living on my own hahah.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace i give unto you not as the world giveth give i unto you: let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Christ is always with us and always comforts us. in times of need we can turn to him to have a part of this peace. and I want to testify that it is better than any other peace in the world. It is only through Him that we can find true and everlasting happiness and peace. 

i love you
all. the church is the church of Jesus Christ. the one and only. Joseph was a prophet. The book of mormon is the word of God. Read it. say your prayers.