Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 23, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

so it all starts sunday night. elder hilton because of his toe we kinda had to sit around all day and its like 830 before we are about to start getting ready for bed and his recent converts call him up and are all like "are you not gonna visit us??? we made food and are waiting for you?" so we hustled over to our house. until this time we had still not recieved the transfer from president so we could buy the bus tickets for the very next day. really crunch time. president then called us at like 10:30 to tell us he had sent the transfer but we couldnt go look at it until tomorow.

I requested a photo from Sam and this is what I got. Mirror pic from my missionary!
monday we left elder hilton home and went to the office before the rooster crowed so the we could get started on the passage buy. we then spent from 8 am - 2 pm in the bus station. returned to the office to clean up a little bit and start calling the whole mission to let them know what time their bus was. after about an hour 4 mysterious box of pizza showed up, turns out president was feeling the love and had sent pizza to the office for us. So we chowed down until he got there to have a meeting with us. Which turned into some good training that went until 630 and elder hiltons bus was at 715 all of his bags still at home. As karianne's child i promptly thought of "divide and conquer" so we had some quick divisions and elder hilton still missed the bus. (about this time his head cold really kicked in and he lost his voice/his eyes started swelling up) so we got to the bus station to find elder hilton was not there. he had gone back to the office alone, to hang out with president because he missed the bus. so we waited at the bus station for more people that were starting to leave the capital. At this time i started to realized that i had picked up elder hiltons head cold. i thought i was gonna die. Everyone got their buses and we sent elder hilton to itabuna then porto seguro. we returned to the office to finish a few things with elder christofferson (stayed the night at our house) then went home to sleep. Started the next at 500 am and i woke up dead.

tuesday. woke up feeling like i had been run over by a train. seriously i never felt so awful in my life. not even wheni got knocked out in football. but we had training for the new missionaries so we hurried to called taxis and ubers for all the missionaries getting into the city because of transfer and recieving training in the mission home. finally got to presidents house about 9 and went straight to the airport to get the new missionaries. everything was great we got them and started our way home when my fever really kicked in and i got carsick. we made it to presidents house and here is the true best moment of the week. i pushed passed all the new missionaries in the van to open the door. as i opened the door i jumped out and mid air puked all my breakfast and the food i ate last night. and everyone was watching from presidents apartment window. so about 1/3 of the misson and all the new missionaries saw me throw up. nice sam. i just kinda walked off in shame and sat down on the side walk ahahhahahaah. everyone went inside and they started the festivities and i just kinda sat outside for an hour. then when i ventured inside (without my tie cuz i threw up on it) sister bangerter took me in the back room and i laid down for a little bit. they woke me up in time to give the secretaries part of the training and i felt better for the rest of the day. we were able to get everyone on their buses to their cities.

wednesday we woke up to phone calls from president bangerter asking about a missionary going home on thursday that was supposed to show up in salvador on tuesday morning and had still not arrived. Turns out elder boemia had missed the bus from Mucuri (18 by bus to salvador the last city in bahia before the state Espirito Santo) TWO TIMES MONDAY AND TUESDAY. so we started calling every missionary in his zone trying to figure out where he was. he was still in mucuri and was able to get on the bus. we had a normal day besides that in the office and we got to our area for the first time but as we started climbing some stairs i got sick so we went home hahah. 

thursday morning. so my toe has had an ingrown toenail for awhile. i woke up to a nice big ball of pus. ( i popped it ill send pics) so i called sister bangerter and she sent me to get it checked out at some fancy beauty salon that does work with this kinda stuff instead of the hospital. were waiting for my appointment when president calls us to let us know that a sister left TWO PIECES OF LUGGAGE in the pousada and her plane to go home left in a hour. so we remarked the appointment and hustled to the pousada and got the bags there in time. i went back to the place and got a bunch of my toenail torn out then spent the day doing missionary work. but also had one elder whose flight was at 1150 pm so we had the privilege to take him to the airport and got home very late. secretary life woo hoo.

friday was pretty normal still werent able to escape the office and we got to do some good work in our area. we had an awesome family night with a members family and their neighbors. we watched the lamb of god video and it was nice.

saturday is today. my toe is doing well and im not very sick anymore hahah. its been a week for the record books. dont worry mom im totally fine. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

February 17, 2018 letter - Salvador (Ondina)

my week was quite uneventful. we had some time to get into our area but seemed like there was always something stopping us from getting very much quality time in our area (Carnaval) even though we were working hard and diligently in the office so we could leave ontime/early to be able to get some work done! despite these unfortunately timed things we had to do we were able to have a pretty good week. 

we have rooted out some gators that werent progressing and had a few really good contacts that look promising for the next transfer. And we had absolutely incredible lessons with a few people!!! we were really excited and felt the spirit strongly and they accepted commitments and then when we got to marking a next appointment... "actually i dont live here, i live in             area (not a part we work in) but could you tell the missionaries there to visit us?" like yeah sure.. im still excited about them but its kind of a huge buzzkill when you teach a really good lesson and find a really good person but they dont live in your area. happened almost everyday this week. Nevertheless we still  have a few investigators who have commited to come to church with us this weekend please pray for william, marianne, nayara, lenilson, conceição, and tatianne that they will wake up on time and not have anything to stop them from getting to church. 

other big event elder hiltons toe got pretty ingrown and infected recently (way worse than mine) so we took him to the doctor and he got part of his nail cut off. Now he has a huge ball of gauze on his toe like dad did that one time and cant wear shoes for a few days. This weekend is also the last of the transfer so next week is a new transfer! as far as i know i will be staying here in the office and Ondina as long as something crazy doesnt happen. President has not released the transfer yet but soon enough we will have it and be going to the bus station.

i wanted to share a scripture and a talk with you guys that brax sent to us this week. its  Moses 7 and Enoch’s interaction with the Lord. Enoch asks how is it that Heavenly Father weeps since He is just, mercurial and kind forever.

He says, “Behold these thy brethren; they are the workmanship of mine own hands. … I gave unto them … [a] commandment, that they should love one another, and that they should choose me, their Father; but behold, they are without affection, and they hate their own blood. … Wherefore should not the heavens weep, seeing these shall suffer?”

Its really incredible that in just a few short lines we can understand so much about Heavenly Father and who/how/what He is. He is a loving caring father. Christ's life was also just another way that Father in Heaven tried to show us His true character. Idk how to really explain it yet but theres a really good talk by Jeffrey R. Holland "the grandeur of God" and y'all should give it a look.


elder prince

Monday, February 12, 2018

February 10, 2018 letter -- Salvador

Monday we had 2 visas to renew and they both went well with the only bump in the road being that one elder forgot one of the most important documents for renewal in the office so we had to go back and get it delaying our trip a little bit. We also marked a bunch more visits for march and we are hoping that no one gets sent to a mission in the USA  because of us hahaha. 

Tuesday we had a normal day and some disappointing results in our area. we got out early from the office and we to visit our investigators/less actives and i think they were all out doing stuff for carnaval because our area was EMPTY i have never seen it so empty. 

Elder Prince and Elder Christofferson
Wednesday we had the mission council with all of the zone leaders in the mission home. It was a really nice council and a good motivating spiritual meeting! we were able to evalutate some problems we were having and how we could get past them, then we had a little testimony meeting and some elders were invited to bear testimonies and it was really nice. President talked a lot about the quality of the work we are doing and how important the little details and invitations to church are. Sister Bangerter also talked about all their kids and their interviews with stake presidents after the mission. and the fact that we have these two years of our missions to think about for the rest of our lives.. so we better do a good job! 

Elder Loueiro and Elder Prince
Thursday we had our hands full in the office sending out letters to new missionaries who just recieved their calls and preparing folders and supplies for the transfer next week! also being the official start of carnaval the streets were stopped and traffic was not moving in any direction because so many people were passing thru our area to get to the "Barra" where all the concerts and main party stuff is. 

Friday is the day we have set apart to not go to the office but it seems to be impossible. we had everything planned out and a great day of work marked and as soon as we made the bolt for our area after lunch we started getting calls from missionaries saying they needed things or their energy was cut (not my responsibility thank goodness) so we had to go back and pay things but we got out to our area and had really good lessons with a new family (conceição and everyone else) and one of our investigators sisters (nayara). We taught the restoration and conceiçao told us all about her going in and out of her church and some dreams she had where she saw angels and Jesus and it was a really nice lesson. it was really cool the way she participated then was so open to tell us about things that had happened in her life, bringing the spirit into the lesson even stronger. Nayara commited to go to church and even take her kids!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 3, 2018 letter -- Salvador (Ondina)

well this week was quite interesting! all of salvador (especially our area) was getting ready for the holiday of iemanja which is some Voo Doo goddess of the sea or water idk i didnt understand that well. There is a tradition to make offerings of flowers or food or stuff like that to pay to the goddess and everyone throws their offerings into the sea on February 2nd. So all week people were getting ready and selling lots of flowers setting up tents on the beach walk (the fastest way for us to get home from our area) and lots of military police stations and it was all a big party. 

Monday we had family night with romilda that had been planned for a few days with an investigator that lives down the street and is really good friends of their family but when the time came around the family of Luiza was just no where to be found. not in their house romildas house not in the street. so FHE went on without them sadly. 

tuesday we got together some papers/folders for people who will arrive in the mssion and people who are going home! it was my turn to stay the night with Elder dos Santos (had surgery) so the other elders went to work in our area.

wednesday we had a district meeting about a training that president gave a few weeks ago and president showed up to the office right in the middle of the training so after recieving the training from elder hilton president decided to take another hour to give the training again lol needless to say it was a nice long district meeting haha. thursday we went to the mall to buy paper and ink because one of the printers is dumb and only prints when it has ink from all colors so if one of the 5 colors runs out we have to go buy it hahah. We cut lots of forms and papers that day too. 

yesterday was the iemanja! it was also our one day in the week that we are not to pass in the office and we are supposed to go work in our area all day long. We live real close to one of the most popular beach walks in salvador where this part/festival is traditionally held so it took us 45 MINUTES  wading thru a crowd at 10 am to get to our area hahahah wow. and right after we had down our first contacts and were getting into a house to teach elder cantuario (stayed at home with elder dos santos) called and said he needed to go to the office to pay rent for all of the houses in the mission and it had to be done by 12. this was 11:15. so we got to the office to let them in to pay and they returned home and we started walking to our lunch in the other elders area (we go to the same ward)  as we got onto the doorstep of the members home 30 minutes walking distance elder cantuario called again and said there was more stuff to pay that we needed to go back to the office. without eating we went to pay the water for the sisters back at the office. then once we finally got back to our area about 2 hours later none of our investigators were home and the member we had marked to go visit some references with bailed. yesterday was just not our day. probably sounds like im complaining a lot in this letter oops hahaha. But we were able to get in a couple lessons and have some really cool contacts. I love being a missionary. as much as we have big disappointments and bad days we are still here serving. And there is nothing better than that. It truly is during our hard times that we are closest to our Savior and he is lifting us up more than ever. But theres nothing better than bearing a sweet testimony about him. back to our day now. and we had to return home thru the big mosh pit festival that was the beach walk. We had to go thru military police scanning it was kinda cool hahaha

i think the only time i have seen such a big party was last year during carnaval here in salvador. I think the part during the day was a lot cooler than at night because lots of less smoking/drugs/drinking/naked people/police and a lot more of the culture and tradition here in Bahia. It really showed the beliefs and traditions of the ancestors and allowed these people to show their roots and do what makes them feel free and in tune with the world. we saw lots of traditional food, spiritual rituals anointing and washings in the streets and marching band kinda and it was incredible. it was a really special experience to see what they were doing and it reminded me a lot about the 11th article of faith "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may." that is what is so special about the world today. so many people have so many different view and different truths. what we truly need to do is have more tolerance for all people no matter who they are what they do what they believe. We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father who truly wants us to be happy. serve someone else this week and learn a little bit more about their point of view before you make a judgement. think a little before you speak. It will make a better world.


elder prince

Elder Hilton

Elder Dos Santos