Monday, December 3, 2018

December 3, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes -- LAST LETTER!

[Elder Prince comes home on Friday! Please join us for his homecoming on December 16th at 2:20pm with food afterwards at our home. -- Karianne]

we had a pretty good week here. monday was a nice solid p day and tuesday we had a great zone conference with President and Sister Tobias. He seems so awesome and im excited for what he will bring to our mission, I wish I could get to know him better. 

wednesday we did an exposition in the city center with a few other companionships and it was awesome. we talked with tons of people and had a lot of contacts to pass around. the only frustrating part was that we talked to SO MANY PEOPLE who live on little farms or little towns outside of the city that dont have missoinaries yet. we spent the rest of the day in our area following up with some investigators

thursday we spent the morning helping the sisters move into their new apartment and out of their old one. their old house had such a cool staircase i felt like i was going up in a tree house. friday we spent practically the whole day doing baptismal interviews in other areas of the city. it is so fun to see the other missionaries have success and the work of the Lord go forth! Saturday was Lucas baptism and it was also a really nice service. I also was chorister... again. 

its been such a pleasure to serve a mission. im quite excited to come home but im also quite sad. I love serving these people and I love Bahia. they are so amazing and i will miss them so much. There is truly nothing better than talking to people about Jesus Christ and how we can follow him to happiness. I'm so grateful for the power of the Atonement in my life and the capacity it gives us to overcome the natural man within us (mos.3:19). I'm so grateful to be able to share this with these wonderful people and to feel the Savior's love for them. Bahia is such a wonderful place, especially Salvador, Jequie Vitoria da Conquista, Bom Jesus da Lapa, and Ilhéus. These cities hold special places in my heart and they have changed me forever in ways that i never imagined. 

Elder Prince

Monday, November 26, 2018

November 26, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes

this week was pretty nice!

monday was a good p day and we had some nice visits to finish the night. we were able to contact a media reference Eliene and her family. but we found out that they dont know anyone from the church and havent talked to any missionaries before so we arent sure how the reference got to our phone! it wa sa nice lesson and after we visited Daniele and extended a baptism date to her. she accepted hesitantly...

tuesday we taught adam about the gospel of christ and it was awesome! adam is really the man!! as we got to the baptism part he started talking all about how excited for saturday he was!! it was so special and then he started going thru his whole life story for us and how important this moment would be to him. 

wednesday we taught karen and we finally figured out why she isnt baptized yet!!! she has some doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet. every time we go there she talks about her love for the BOM but for some reason she just cant accept joseph as a prophet. so we challenged her to read his testimony and the book of mormon and pray to God. for some reason during the year that she is investigating the church she never realized the missionaries wanted her to pray about Josephs vision as well!! 

saturday we had Adam's baptism. it was so cool. we left the chapel and no one had showed up yet and we were super worried. we went and got him and he was all in his suit and tie and his son was all dressed up and when we got to the chapel it was full of people and they were playing music and had everything set up. then when i baptized him he started crying in the font. it was such a nice meeting. and the branch pres and elders q pres gave way nice welcoming comments. they also made me be the chorister again hahahah i think this branch just likes to make fun of me. 

Elder Prince

11 days left!

Monday, November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

we had a dope week. did some divisons and helped the sisters with their baptism. 

monday we had a nice lesson with Adão or Adam or the Father of them all (he asked us to call him that) and he is super prepared for his baptism. this has been one of the coolest stories of my whole mission.

tuesday we went to Aeroporto to do divisions with the DL and it was cool! it was so weird to be back in my old area and walk down the same streets i spent time on and visit some of the same investigators i taught hahah. but we had a nice day and were able to have some good lessons. it was so intersting to be with them because they taught me a whole new lesson on patience. Elder Silverio has a disease that causes weakness in his legs and his companion is having problems that seem like arthiritis and they havent been able to get much done. during the division we had to walk slow and stay at their pace because literally they couldnt walk faster than their legs could handle (mos 4:27) but it was so inspiring to see they way they treated the people they were able to visit and talk to on the street as if they were truly diamonds. people treated us rudely and they left smiling because they were able to be on the street and working instead of trying to rest their pain away. made me think about how we treat others!!

wednesday was fairly normal day in our area and we had a nice district meeting. 

thursday we were able to do some baptismal interviews and another division with the elders in the brasil area. its always a privilege to talk to these people right before their baptisms. they can be so excited or so nervous and its interesting to see how they react to the baptimsla quetsions. i got to do an interview for a young man named jonas who loved to speak english. we were actually about to do part of the interview in english! but the cool part was the way he changed and his attitude changed responding to the quetions, seeing that he was truly ready and really believed in Christ as his Savior. when the interview started he was a bit skeptical but as we finished he was beaming and smiling because of the sweet spirit we were able to feel. it reminded me of alma 5(?) the question that says "have you seen this change in yourself yet?" the rest of the day and the division went pretty well. 

friday was another pretty normal day for us but we had a good lesson with Adão when we were able to teach him the plan of salvation. he remembers EVERYTHING its so cool to teach him. we get there for our lessons and he starts quoting the BOM from memory from the readings we have given him. 

saturday we helped the sisters prepare for their baptism in our chapel. they were baptizing someone who has some disease and couldnt be baptized in cold water, our chapel has hot water, so we spent a good amount of the morning cleaning and filin the font then we were able to participate in the baptism.

then sunday came around. and when we went early to get Adam to go to church what did we find? him in a suit with a hair cut and a shave!! he was so excited to go to church that he went out an bought a suit. church went real well, we were able to see a few other investigators who went to church on their own and things are starting to look up here. Adam marked his baptism for this saturday and as long as he doesnt drink anymore coffee everything will go great. 

it is such a blessing to be a missionary. i wish i could do it for longer. it is so so fun and amazing to see people who are willing to change their lives and see how the Lord helps them so much. He truly makes anything possible for us. I have been thinking a lot about faith this week and remembering a scripture in mark

Elder Prince

November 12, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

we found a super cool investigator named adam. we rounded a corner super fast where he was smoking and i almost ended up smoking his cigarette cuz i got so close to him hahaha. but he is so golden!! he ready all the intros to the BOM and the 3 and 8 and JS testimonies and like half of 3rd nephi!! he went to church and stuff but it looks like his ex wife is kicking him out of the house so he might move away before we can baptize him. during our lesson he was like " all of this is a confirmation for me. i have to go to church and preach. i have been feeling a lot like i need more God in my life lately and your doctrine makes so much sense. today is the beginning of my journey" He accepted a baptismal date and everything! i just hope he stays here and we can help him stop smoking!! 

other than that the week was pretty much rain and gossip about last sunday from every member we saw. sunday was surprisingly chill and we had some investigators we didnt expect to take at church! then we had some good visits after and ate some good food. we had a pretty nice integration night, we were worried tha no one would show up because of the conflicts but it was full! we gave a nice message and played some fun games. for some reason the missionaries end up doing everything here hahahah the RS and EQ get the responsibilities for the members to do but everyone avoids doing it and throws it on us in the last moment hahaha.

also i gotta learn how to cook mom. 
Elder Prince

Monday, November 5, 2018

November 5, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

it has been eventful here in bahia lately!

last monday was a chill p-day we went and played basketball with the other elders at the stake center! it was nice then we got to visit a contact we made at night and had a good lesson. they werent super open to our message as we had hoped because they frequent another really popular church here in brasil but it was a cool conversation we were able to have. 

tuesday we had a cool lesson with geovane and angela (maria's kids) and we gave geovane a baptismal date. it was funny cuz angela accepted the invitation before we even finished our question. unfortunately she is living with someone shes not married to so she cant be baptized.. for now! but geovane is really starting to progress. he has started reading the BOM and is helping his mom study because someetimes she doesnt understand very much. Lots of people here in Brazil have very little education because they worked so much when they were young that they didnt have time to go to school. it is truly humbling to see how blessed we are compared to others around the world. 

wednesday we visited Lucas and Patrica (mother and son) and talked with them about the plan of salvation and how their family could be sealed together forever. the biggest news is that President biddulph had to go home permanently because of his health issues. i think that bahia was sad because the rest of the week was nice and rainy. 

saturday our zone had some baptisms and we got to do baptismal interviews. its so fun to see all the people preparing and accepting the gospel. 
unfortunately geovane didnt make it out to church on sunday but lucas was there and accepted a baptismal date as well! we hope to be able to help them get to these dates despite some difficulties here in the branch. 

i read a scripture that i really liked this week D&C 12:8 - we all need to be humble and love others. its really crucial we learn how to accept the Lords will in everything that happens because He knows what is best!

Elder Prince

Monday, October 29, 2018

October 29, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes (Vitoria da Conquista)

this week was a wet one! its been rainy and overcast all week long! but it was a solid first week of the transfer and we are excited cuz we have 2 greenies in our zone! one is actually Elder Green from Lehi, but i havent met the other yet. 

monday we visited Fernanda (less active member) and Maria and her fam. We are still teaching Geovane and Angela and they are progressing slowly. I think Angela got a little discouraged because she wasnt able to be baptized with her mom because of her marriage situation and geovane is just kinda your average 21 year old. He loves LOL and video games so sometimes is a little hard for us to get his attention, i should probably ask mom and dad for tips hahaha. his baptismal goal is coming up soon and we are praying everything keeps getting better! this week president also gave us new goals and mission standards and something he spoke and has been reminding us about are our contacts. we have been doing more contacts than normal this week and its been super cool! we have talked to lots of new people and lots of interesting people and lots of people that thought we were interesting but lots that werent interested. life is about interests.

from tuesday forward is where the rain really got ahold of us. about 60% of our area is dirt roads so it was nice and muddy, and to make things better the days when it rained hardest were the days where people least answered the door! this week was also the 2nd/final round of presidential elections here in brazil and tbh the political season has really reminded me of trump hilary. its one of the only things people have wnated to talk about. this week we caught up with tainara and have been teaching her about the book of mormon. we have had some cool lessons with her and the other members of the family. she accepted a baptism date and was able to explain to us all about the chapter we left her to read. update on Neílson, we marked 2 different days with him but he canceled both days because of work things coming up. 

friday morning we actually had a super cool lesson with taina and ornelia and fam about the restoration. they had been visited by the missionaries years ago but the missionaries just never showed up again! we had contacted ornelia a few days ago in the street but she didnt tell us the missionaries had visited her before. we had some visits planned in a different neighborhood but we felt strongly that we should try and go find her house, because she only gave us part of her address, once we arrived we had a really nice lesson and they accepted all our invitations that we made them. its so nice to see how the Lord guides us.

saturday we went to the baptism that the sisters had in the afternoon and we had family night at monicas home with her family and stella/thabata and stella gave the message! its been so cool to see her grow as a member since she was baptized just a few weeks ago and she gave a really nice message about the restoration and bore a nice testimony. it makes me so happy to see people change their lives for the better because of the teachings of Christ and living prophets. we also went to another area to do some baptism interviews for the elders!

sunday was also quite rainy. from 7:30-9 it was just downpour but we were able to get to church ontime with the less active family. unfortunately (becasue of the rain and the election, all brazilians are obligated to vote) not a whole lot of our investigators came out to church. this week i have been studying a lot in 3 nephi where Christ appears to the people in the americas. its so cool to read and compare with the scriptures that he references from the old testament and the teachings he gives that he had taught the Jews. there are subtle but interesting differences that give us a little bit of a different perspective or way to think about his teachings! and in chapter 27 he lays out so clearly his doctrine and the Fathers plan for us. it truly is a plan of hope and happiness!

Elder Prince

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 22, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes

[Today is transfer day, and Sam is staying in the same area with the same companion for his last transfer.]

monday was a good p day we had a family night at a members home! 

tuesday was a normal day we had some cool lessons but the best part was to finish off the night! we were walking to an appointment suuuuper far away and it was already late so it looked like we were gonna get home at like 11. then some member was passing by and gave us a ride to the home! we were able to have a super good lesson with Patricia Antonio Lucas and Lane. they are a part member less active family that we have started teaching. we were able to read the book or mormon with them and we felt such a good spirit reading about the Saviors visit to the americas. Lucas (son) undertood that he needed to get baptized and his parents felt the need to take him to church! sunday they were all there and loved the meetings! apparently lucas was reminding his dad all week about the visit to church they had marked! it was so special. we were also able to get home before too late haha. 

wednesday and thursday we had our district meeting/weekly planning and spent the days in a differnt part of our area trying to find some less actives and new investigators. it was fun but not as fruitful as we had hoped. we were able to meet with Luceni about her smoking problem but she is having a lot of trouble stopping and she also has slowed down on her reading. its just too bad!

friday and saturday we had sucess in follwing up with some investigators and members to get ready for sunday. we were able to see the fruits sunday when we had some new faces in church and some faces that hadnt been there in awhile. Also to my surprise Karen and fam from Bom Jesus da Lapa has moved to conquista and lives very close to the chapel so we can start teaching them again. They have been going to church for about a year now but still havent taken the step of baptism, but how many times does an old investigator move into an area where a missionary that taught them is serving? No such thing as coincidence and I think the cards are starting to turn in our favor! im excited to get to visit them again. 

in church we talked a lot about mosiah 3:19 and humbling ourselves! humility is so important and helps each one of us grow closer to the Lord. WE must learn to submit to the Lords will, not so he can be happy but so that we can be happy. He does everything for our benefit!!

Elder Prince