Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 letter - Amaralina

Monday [March 13] after we wrote our emails we got the chance to leave our area and go to the Farol de Barra which is the light house at the point of the peninsula of Salvador and it was so sick!! I got to try an acai bowl for the first time and i really like it haha fruit here in Brazil is so much better.

Sam at the Farol de Barra
Wednesday we had a district meeting and some interviews with President which went really well. One of the sisters is heading home next week and asked for a blessing but wanted it done in English because she's American so I was asked to do it!! it was so crazy to give my first blessing but it only strengthened my testimony of the priesthood. I know it is the power of God and I am so honored to be able to hold it. 

This week was a lot of running around and doing things in other areas! We had some meetings and Elder Cruz had to do a baptismal interview so that took up a whole afternoon one day this week! We got the chance to see a different area and got caught in a rain storm! I haven't been so wet in so long but walking in the rain was pretty fun haha. We didn't have water in our apartment part of the week so we had to take bucket showers.

Our investigator Vitalina is progressing so much and has a baptismal date for this Sunday! She has really come to love the gospel and has so much desire to follow thru and become a strong member! She's worried about pressure from her family and friends and always asks for our prayers to strenthen her so please send prayers this way!!

love, Elder Prince

Zona Salvador (Elder Prince is cut off on the left, but still looks good)

March 13, 2017 letter - Amaralina

Hey everybody!

This week was awesome! We had a family home evening speaking about the light of Christ on Monday and its been on my mind all week. We talked about how the light of Christ guides us to do good things in our life, and wondered if we are doing enough to listen and take advantage of that gift and put off our own desires to do the will of God!

We had stake conference yesterday and a Area Authority Seventy gave an awesome talk about the Atonement. One of his big points was how Christ stopped 3 times, during the greatest suffering of all time while in the garden, to go and check on the disciples. I usually think of this story as the Disciples being chastized but it truly shows the love of Our Savior. He was worried about Peter James and John during His hardest moment on earth. He worries about us and loves us more than we can even imagine. We had a couple investigators come to the meeting and they were extremely touched and recieved answers to questions they had! One has a date in a few weeks and now knows for sure that she wants to be a part of our church!! So awesome to see how Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 

Never forget how much Jesus Christ and our Heavely Father love us. 

Nothing much super exciting this week!! On p days we clean the house and usually go visit somewhere. Because of carnaval president didn't let any of the missionaries in the capital travel to locations so I have not gone anywhere yet!

Active members in our ward is around 60! some of our investigators are really progressing and some are very flaky. 

I know the gift of tongues is real because my portuguese is slowly getting better everyday!!

love you all so much, Elder Prince

Sunrise from Sam's apartment

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 letter - Amaralina

This week was lots better with Carnaval [Portuguese spelling of Carnival] being over! I have never seen such a party in my life, the Brazilians love to get rowdy!

We still had a bit of a problem though because all of our plans continue to fall through. Its so interesting because everyone is always home but somehow always busy! We dealt with a bit of rejection this week. We were knocking doors and set up an appointment to meet with someone the next day but when we came back for our meeting the same lady answered the door and straight lied to our face and told us she didn't remember us coming the nigth before! Lots of stuff like this happened this week haha. Many people don't want to talk to us about the gospel but will sit and talk for hours about nothing! Everyone in Brazil is super friendly and loves to visit. We had a baptism for yesterday so we filled up the font on Sunday but found out as soon as it was filled that our investigator could not be baptized! Her mother had previously given permission but then changed her mind. 

Listening to the Spirit is an important thing as a misisonary! Many times in lessons this week I have no clue what to say but just started talking and was guided as to what I should say! We need to be prepared to teach and serve others but the Lord will always provide us with what we need to say in the moment it needs to be said.  During two different lessons with one of our investigators Kelvin, we spoke a lot about the Book of Mormon. I was able to bear testimony and help my companion explain its value and importance in our lives and I felt the Spirit so strongly. He ended up being very excited to have us over again and is super interested in learning more! He seems to have a true desire to follow Christ!

A challenge for everyone this week! Our mission president has asked us to read all of the sections of chapter three in Preach My Gospel and mark every single scripture in that chapter. I have been doing that and felt truly that all the scriptures in preach my gospel assembled by our leaders are inspired. It's something that has strengthened my testimony as well as my knowledge of many gospel principles. You never realize how much we are blessed and promised until you truly look hard!!

Love, Elder Prince

Investigators to pray for: Kelvin, Carol, Diusa, Maria, Layla, Eduardo