Sunday, August 26, 2018

August 25, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

monday we had an early morning picking up some missionaries from the interior that were coming to the capital and a nice meeting with president to plan for the zone conferences! we were able to get some lunch with vitalina and her son before we completed some more office work. everytime i see vitalina she tells everyone we are with about 'elder cruz and elder prince are the elders that studied with me. i love them" its so uplifting to see her and how the gospel has blessed her life. we had FHE at Diego's home and we took Matheus with us. Elder sorocaba gave a nice message about parenting and how important fathers our in a childs life, just like Our Heavenly Father is so important in our lives!

Lunch at Vitalina's house
Irma Telma

[a note about the photos--Vitalina sends me photos on Facebook anytime she has Sam over for lunch. I'm very grateful for how kind she is to the missionaries!]

tuesday was a looong day. We had our zone conference (v good, nice spirit) and a trip to the airport. the trip to the airport ending up being alittle bit of a disaster because one sister forgot her passport (missed her flight but she got a later one) and the other sister almost wasnt allowed to board the plane! a stressful few hours. 

Salvador Zone at Zone Conference
wednesday our zone had interviews in the office so it was a bit wild here during the morning but we were able to accomplish some good things without getting distracted. Elder Gray and I made a run to the post office to mail some documents to some church lawyers in another state. super fun. At night we visited Dalva, one of our investigators, and talked to her about church and how she liked sunday. she said she loved it and wants to get baptized! but because shes a little older and she fell down some stairs and got hurt last week it probably wont be for a month. She is awesome and has given us all nicknames (elder isn't that hard to remember??). Elder Gray is "21" Elder Sorocaba "16" and I "17". Where she got these numbers is yet to be determined. After we visited a few investigators to mark other visits this week. 

thursday was a real nice day. mostly the part at night when we got to leave the office and go teach!! We had a lesson with Antonio, Luciana and Suelen about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. right when we got their we started talking to them about their reading and what they thought of church on sunday and they said they loved it and started talking about their marriage and baptism!!! without us asking!! usually when we tell someone they need to get married they start kinda shying away but we got there and they just started "well yeah we talked about the marriage and thought it was a really good idea for us so that when can be baptized." I kinda sat there in shock, oh how the Lord blesses us. we then proceeded to have an awesome lesson about baptism and the sacrament. and after they gave us hot dogs hahah. i dont think i have ever been fed so much by strangers like I have here in Bahia. and yes mom my stomach is holding up just fine. We also visited Douglas and he said he would like to come to church on sunday, if the water isnt too rough for fishing... oh well.

Friday was extremely uneventful until about 5 in the afternoon. The assistants called us and asked if we could do a division with them because they had double booked their night (we are in trio) so i got myself over to their area for the lesson. once we got to the investigators lesson it fell thru because of some certain circumstances that i wont mention or mom will get scared. but also right at that moment President called us to run some important errands for him so it was a successful night after all, just not exactly how we expected.

today i have gotten my hair cut. thats about it. 
Elder Prince (with haircut), Elder Sorocabo, Elder Gray
this week i finished the Gospel of Mark. I have been reading books in the new testament lately and it has been so cool for me. I love the story of Christ's life. "tell me the stories of Jesus, i love to hear". There were a few different stories and parts that stuck out to me but one that i truly love is the story of the young rich man. I think i have written about this before, but i think its so important that we realize what Christ responded and how he responded. before he told this rich man to give up his life, he loved him. "Then Jesus beholding him loved him," (Mark 10:21)  Most days we can probably find something in our neighbor that we don't like, or a certain manner a member of our family acts or does things that might be wrong. The people around us are able to see lots of faults and mistakes we make without us ever noticing them. The most important thing we can do to help ourselves and others is be loving and humble in these moments so that we might improve and they might improve as well. God's plan for us is about growing and becoming better, not being perfect right now, so its important that we look at the world through a more loving lense. there is good in everything and everyone

Elder Prince

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

August 20, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

monday we had a pretty nice day around the office and we were able to do divisions with members. I went out with Brother Valmir and we were able to visit Antonio and Luciana, a family we have started teaching. As we followed up with them, we felt that we should extend a baptismal invitation and they accecpted with enthusiasm! they are so awesome and Luciana told us all about her reading in the BOM and how she love the way she felt reading about the Savior's appearance to the Nephites.We even talked to them a little bit about marriage and they thought it was a good idea!

tuesday and wednesday were fairly normal days. We had a nice district meeting and made some bold goals to really help involve our ward in our work and their missionary responsibilities. We taught Dominique Cristovão and Maria about the book of mormon and talked a little bit about Eternal families and how we can strengthen our homes. Dominique and Cristovão are an awesome couple we have also started teaching recently. Dominique closed her restaurant because she wants to change a few things in her life a tthe moment and she wants to start getting Cristovão going to a church instead of passing his weekends in home. So when we contacted her in the street she was very enthusiastic about us coming to teach her husband. She feels as though she already has a large knowledge of the gospel because she frequents the Catholic Church but its been interesting to see how she has learned and thought of things differently because of our few visits in their home. Great to have an eternal perspective sometimes!

Friday we had divisions with our zone leaders and a member. It was interesting because we ended up with 3 different companionships trying to workin our area! so I went with the member to visit inactive members in the rain. intresting how much Bahians hide from the rain (and the missionaries!) so it was a little bit of a long night. we had a real cool convesation with a young man who was sitting on the ground waiting for his friends. saturday we also had a nice p day but it rained a lot again. 

sunday was probably the best day of the week. until lunch. we had marked to meet up with a member early to doa  division and pick up our investigators. When we got to his house he was still in bed.. but right as we started losing hope another young man appeared out of nowhere! we were able to do a division and bring all the investigators we had marked to church! It was cool because on top of all this, a member brought Haziel's grandfather to church! after lunch we had to resolve some things for president so we werent able to make as many visits as we would have liked!

Elder Prince

Saturday, August 11, 2018

August 11, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

our week was a little bit more eventful this week! monday we had preparation in the office and the mission home for the mission leadership council, consisting of reearanging furniture and cleaning and lots of organizing materials. #secretarylife 

tuesday we had an awesome mission council President Biddulphs 1st. we had some real nice discussions that are really going to help our mission out. Sister Biddulph talked about a part of the misisonary manual (i dont think she even knows its in the missionary manual) "Walk quickly and with purpose". she shared an experience from when she was visiting her son's misison and was in a dangerous neighborhood and t really made me think aobut how much we need to find the purpose behind the things we do and not waste our time walking around without purpose, in the mission or in life at home! after the council almost everything went perfectly until some elders missed their bus because of poorly timed visit to the bathroom. 

wednesday we worked in the office and did splits with a member Valmir who is quite a good friend of ours here. our night was a little rough and him and I had pretty much all of our lessons fall through but we were able to visit Haziel and talk to him about his responsibilities in church and how his passing of the sacrament blessed the lives of all those in the congregation. He has been passing thru some difficulties with his family and it was nice ot visit him and get to talk a little bit. 

Thursday we did splits again with a different member (being in a trio has its benefits) and again Elder Gray and I went to check out some alleyways and stair cases i hadnt even been to. Our area is pretty much just one big hill. We met a really cool lady named Luciana and her family at the very bottom of the stair case we were going down in the end of a dead end alley way. I kinda felt like the missionaries who found Elder Utchdorfs family. hahah. We had an awesome lesson and everything is marked for them to come to church with us on sunday.

Friday we had a pretty busy day and contacted some references that fell thru but we finished off the night helping Romilda  prepare her first talk in church about Baptism! shes pretty nervous but im sure she will do great on sunday! she also made us hot dogs so its safe to say it was a good way to top off the night. 

this week i was reading in Alma 5 and 7 where Alma the Younger speaks about the change in heart that we can have when we live the gospel. "..have ye been spiritually bord of God?... have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?"

Im happy to say that I have felt the change in my heart since i have been here in Bahia. I love this people and their great faith in God. We might not always agree on some doctrinal points but im extremely impressed by the faithful people in Brazil and the effort they put in to preach the gospel and love the people around them. it has inspired me to be better and more accepting of everyone around me. but being spiritually born of God is a change that never ends and we can always become better so even though it might get rough, just keep swimming!

have a good week
Elder Prince

Mission Council

Elders Costa, Davis, Palma, Araujo                   Elders Gray, Opfar, Pereira, Palma, Castellano, Lee Rallision, Antunes, Davis
Elder Prince and Elder Costa
Elder Castellano and Elder Prince

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 4, 2018 -- Salvador (Ondina)

mom you dont need to explain how [swim] conference works i havent forgotten everything hahahahah. you have a position on the country club swim league board???? i bet you had an awesome time in the little oly pool all day long sweating your butt off hahaha. what were jared and rachels times?? did they qualify and position well in the finals? also WHAT WILLOW CREEK WON????? im glad you guys got the win nice job. swimming has been a huge part of our lives you're right. some of my favorite memories are definitly from swimming. i think my fav though was the district meet at the U my senior year. that was freaking dope. im glad we swam. 

dad surviving work? good to hear that he got to see the swimmings thats so fun. how has jareds team looked in practice so far? how did all that off season training benefit him? also how is steve forsberg doing?? im pretty sure he got married and all that jazz. aww i love a good visit to st george. i havent had a real good visit there in so much time. i think i need to do that when i get home. are stan and barb still getting around well? im glad you have a cute little relationship with barb. also i remember who carole and stu are mom hahaha do you think ive just forgotten everything??? also STU IS GETING MARRIED??? what in the world is happening.. we are growing up way too fast. 

president and sister biddulph brought it up like 3 times this week.. " elder prince what are you gonna study? what od you want to do with your life? everyone at home is getting married so fast.. we cant wait to meet your wife and kids once we get home from our mission!!" .. okay it wasnt exactly like that but i was like.. woah.. i gotta get on with my life now.. i dont like that.. 

but it was a chill week. really kinda hectic and busy actually. 

sunday was a good day. matheus and geisa went to church with us but left early because their son was being overly active and screaming and stuff. theyre progressing but slowly because its been hard to find a time when they are home to receive us so we can teach them!

monday we spent the day preparing for the transfer and helping president out. Also i received my new companion Elder Gray, from Logan, UT. He will be the new secretary and i will train him until the end of the transfer.
Elder Gray, Elder Sorocabo, and Elder Prince
tuesday was President Biddulph's first time receiving new missionaries! we received some brand new missionaries, elders from brazil and sisters from USA, and it was a grand event. it was extremely similar but differnet from the "first days" with President Bangerter. but the wonderful spirit is the same! we spent the morning in the airport and the evening in the bus station. we only had one mishap where a sister left her ID with the other sister and almost wasnt able to get her bus ticket! i love transfers!!!!

wednesday we got our first real day for me to start teaching Elder Gray how to be secretary. It consisted of explaining something then doing it, then watching him repeat the activity to make sure he did it right and understood. its been pretty chill. i also gave him the phone responsibilities so i dont have to answer it anymore hahahaha. 

thursday we had a nice productive day with more learning on elder grays part, took him to have some fun at the notary!!! what a thriller. we also said bye to elders and sisters going home which was not fun. gonna miss elder davis and elder vander werff. and the sister from my group went home. that was weird. then at night we visited Romilda and Daiane's mom and they both made us food i thought i was gonna explode by the end of the night. Bahians offer so much food its awesome, im actually surprised i havent gained more weight. 
Missionaries leaving for home and the office elders and the Biddulphs
yesterday was by far the day of the week. we had the biddulphs appointments at the PF so we packed up in the car and made some good visits to the PF (sitting and waiting), the notary (again sitting and waiting), and the bank (sitting and waiting). but we were able to get so much done and now the biddulphs are legally here and they should be able to get their stuff from home thats waiting in storage! it was quite a productive day and fully of nice conversations with Pres and fam. its been cool to learn from him and see his opinion on a lot of things. Its been real interesting to see how he is adapting to being a mission president and the responsibilities he has. at night we were able to visit lucas and teach him the 3rd lesson (he gave it 5 stars) as well as rafael, who is progressing to come back to church!

a nice solid week. 

Elder Prince