Monday, December 3, 2018

December 3, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes -- LAST LETTER!

[Elder Prince comes home on Friday! Please join us for his homecoming on December 16th at 2:20pm with food afterwards at our home. -- Karianne]

we had a pretty good week here. monday was a nice solid p day and tuesday we had a great zone conference with President and Sister Tobias. He seems so awesome and im excited for what he will bring to our mission, I wish I could get to know him better. 

wednesday we did an exposition in the city center with a few other companionships and it was awesome. we talked with tons of people and had a lot of contacts to pass around. the only frustrating part was that we talked to SO MANY PEOPLE who live on little farms or little towns outside of the city that dont have missoinaries yet. we spent the rest of the day in our area following up with some investigators

thursday we spent the morning helping the sisters move into their new apartment and out of their old one. their old house had such a cool staircase i felt like i was going up in a tree house. friday we spent practically the whole day doing baptismal interviews in other areas of the city. it is so fun to see the other missionaries have success and the work of the Lord go forth! Saturday was Lucas baptism and it was also a really nice service. I also was chorister... again. 

its been such a pleasure to serve a mission. im quite excited to come home but im also quite sad. I love serving these people and I love Bahia. they are so amazing and i will miss them so much. There is truly nothing better than talking to people about Jesus Christ and how we can follow him to happiness. I'm so grateful for the power of the Atonement in my life and the capacity it gives us to overcome the natural man within us (mos.3:19). I'm so grateful to be able to share this with these wonderful people and to feel the Savior's love for them. Bahia is such a wonderful place, especially Salvador, Jequie Vitoria da Conquista, Bom Jesus da Lapa, and Ilhéus. These cities hold special places in my heart and they have changed me forever in ways that i never imagined. 

Elder Prince

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