Monday, November 26, 2018

November 26, 2018 -- Morada dos Passaroes

this week was pretty nice!

monday was a good p day and we had some nice visits to finish the night. we were able to contact a media reference Eliene and her family. but we found out that they dont know anyone from the church and havent talked to any missionaries before so we arent sure how the reference got to our phone! it wa sa nice lesson and after we visited Daniele and extended a baptism date to her. she accepted hesitantly...

tuesday we taught adam about the gospel of christ and it was awesome! adam is really the man!! as we got to the baptism part he started talking all about how excited for saturday he was!! it was so special and then he started going thru his whole life story for us and how important this moment would be to him. 

wednesday we taught karen and we finally figured out why she isnt baptized yet!!! she has some doubts about Joseph Smith being a prophet. every time we go there she talks about her love for the BOM but for some reason she just cant accept joseph as a prophet. so we challenged her to read his testimony and the book of mormon and pray to God. for some reason during the year that she is investigating the church she never realized the missionaries wanted her to pray about Josephs vision as well!! 

saturday we had Adam's baptism. it was so cool. we left the chapel and no one had showed up yet and we were super worried. we went and got him and he was all in his suit and tie and his son was all dressed up and when we got to the chapel it was full of people and they were playing music and had everything set up. then when i baptized him he started crying in the font. it was such a nice meeting. and the branch pres and elders q pres gave way nice welcoming comments. they also made me be the chorister again hahahah i think this branch just likes to make fun of me. 

Elder Prince

11 days left!

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