Monday, November 19, 2018

November 12, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

we found a super cool investigator named adam. we rounded a corner super fast where he was smoking and i almost ended up smoking his cigarette cuz i got so close to him hahaha. but he is so golden!! he ready all the intros to the BOM and the 3 and 8 and JS testimonies and like half of 3rd nephi!! he went to church and stuff but it looks like his ex wife is kicking him out of the house so he might move away before we can baptize him. during our lesson he was like " all of this is a confirmation for me. i have to go to church and preach. i have been feeling a lot like i need more God in my life lately and your doctrine makes so much sense. today is the beginning of my journey" He accepted a baptismal date and everything! i just hope he stays here and we can help him stop smoking!! 

other than that the week was pretty much rain and gossip about last sunday from every member we saw. sunday was surprisingly chill and we had some investigators we didnt expect to take at church! then we had some good visits after and ate some good food. we had a pretty nice integration night, we were worried tha no one would show up because of the conflicts but it was full! we gave a nice message and played some fun games. for some reason the missionaries end up doing everything here hahahah the RS and EQ get the responsibilities for the members to do but everyone avoids doing it and throws it on us in the last moment hahaha.

also i gotta learn how to cook mom. 
Elder Prince

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