Monday, November 19, 2018

November 19, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

we had a dope week. did some divisons and helped the sisters with their baptism. 

monday we had a nice lesson with Adão or Adam or the Father of them all (he asked us to call him that) and he is super prepared for his baptism. this has been one of the coolest stories of my whole mission.

tuesday we went to Aeroporto to do divisions with the DL and it was cool! it was so weird to be back in my old area and walk down the same streets i spent time on and visit some of the same investigators i taught hahah. but we had a nice day and were able to have some good lessons. it was so intersting to be with them because they taught me a whole new lesson on patience. Elder Silverio has a disease that causes weakness in his legs and his companion is having problems that seem like arthiritis and they havent been able to get much done. during the division we had to walk slow and stay at their pace because literally they couldnt walk faster than their legs could handle (mos 4:27) but it was so inspiring to see they way they treated the people they were able to visit and talk to on the street as if they were truly diamonds. people treated us rudely and they left smiling because they were able to be on the street and working instead of trying to rest their pain away. made me think about how we treat others!!

wednesday was fairly normal day in our area and we had a nice district meeting. 

thursday we were able to do some baptismal interviews and another division with the elders in the brasil area. its always a privilege to talk to these people right before their baptisms. they can be so excited or so nervous and its interesting to see how they react to the baptimsla quetsions. i got to do an interview for a young man named jonas who loved to speak english. we were actually about to do part of the interview in english! but the cool part was the way he changed and his attitude changed responding to the quetions, seeing that he was truly ready and really believed in Christ as his Savior. when the interview started he was a bit skeptical but as we finished he was beaming and smiling because of the sweet spirit we were able to feel. it reminded me of alma 5(?) the question that says "have you seen this change in yourself yet?" the rest of the day and the division went pretty well. 

friday was another pretty normal day for us but we had a good lesson with Adão when we were able to teach him the plan of salvation. he remembers EVERYTHING its so cool to teach him. we get there for our lessons and he starts quoting the BOM from memory from the readings we have given him. 

saturday we helped the sisters prepare for their baptism in our chapel. they were baptizing someone who has some disease and couldnt be baptized in cold water, our chapel has hot water, so we spent a good amount of the morning cleaning and filin the font then we were able to participate in the baptism.

then sunday came around. and when we went early to get Adam to go to church what did we find? him in a suit with a hair cut and a shave!! he was so excited to go to church that he went out an bought a suit. church went real well, we were able to see a few other investigators who went to church on their own and things are starting to look up here. Adam marked his baptism for this saturday and as long as he doesnt drink anymore coffee everything will go great. 

it is such a blessing to be a missionary. i wish i could do it for longer. it is so so fun and amazing to see people who are willing to change their lives and see how the Lord helps them so much. He truly makes anything possible for us. I have been thinking a lot about faith this week and remembering a scripture in mark

Elder Prince

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