Monday, November 5, 2018

November 5, 2018 letter -- Morada dos Passaroes

it has been eventful here in bahia lately!

last monday was a chill p-day we went and played basketball with the other elders at the stake center! it was nice then we got to visit a contact we made at night and had a good lesson. they werent super open to our message as we had hoped because they frequent another really popular church here in brasil but it was a cool conversation we were able to have. 

tuesday we had a cool lesson with geovane and angela (maria's kids) and we gave geovane a baptismal date. it was funny cuz angela accepted the invitation before we even finished our question. unfortunately she is living with someone shes not married to so she cant be baptized.. for now! but geovane is really starting to progress. he has started reading the BOM and is helping his mom study because someetimes she doesnt understand very much. Lots of people here in Brazil have very little education because they worked so much when they were young that they didnt have time to go to school. it is truly humbling to see how blessed we are compared to others around the world. 

wednesday we visited Lucas and Patrica (mother and son) and talked with them about the plan of salvation and how their family could be sealed together forever. the biggest news is that President biddulph had to go home permanently because of his health issues. i think that bahia was sad because the rest of the week was nice and rainy. 

saturday our zone had some baptisms and we got to do baptismal interviews. its so fun to see all the people preparing and accepting the gospel. 
unfortunately geovane didnt make it out to church on sunday but lucas was there and accepted a baptismal date as well! we hope to be able to help them get to these dates despite some difficulties here in the branch. 

i read a scripture that i really liked this week D&C 12:8 - we all need to be humble and love others. its really crucial we learn how to accept the Lords will in everything that happens because He knows what is best!

Elder Prince

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